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2006-09-02 pinesbarcode in bill receipt
2006-09-02 pinesclass variable to instance variable, and sort warning...
2006-09-02 pineslib selector for hold shelf
2006-09-02 pinesbool
2006-09-01 pinescopies, callnumbers, and mvrs for transits
2006-09-01 pinesnotice columns
2006-09-01 pinesnotify count and time
2006-09-01 pinestitle in bill receipts
2006-09-01 pinesnoncat display and sorting
2006-09-01 pinesshowing org info for noncats and sorting
2006-09-01 pinesbare bones transit list. need to add actions, a print...
2006-09-01 pinesbilling location
2006-09-01 pinesno longer use this
2006-08-31 pinesrecord -> view holds now shows copy, volume, and title...
2006-08-31 pinesdeleted column
2006-08-31 pinesTypeError
2006-08-31 pinesre-enable auto-hiding scrollbars
2006-08-30 ericksontried to nail down the alignment some more..
2006-08-30 pinesreplace barcode entry points
2006-08-30 pinestypo
2006-08-30 pineseliminate warnings in js console
2006-08-30 pinesfixed field editing help; compressed ff editor
2006-08-30 pinesnulls
2006-08-30 pinesoops, no xulG with group manipulation interface
2006-08-30 pinessince the shrink bindings is chrome, this is what I...
2006-08-30 pinessome color tweaks courtesy of Darin; though I tweaked...
2006-08-30 pinesstyle net_access
2006-08-30 pinesbug
2006-08-30 pineschange the Already checked in alert to a label warning
2006-08-30 pinesuse the .desc for the event
2006-08-29 pinesdon't redisplay alert messages on refresh unless they...
2006-08-29 pinesmove global_util.js to chrome
2006-08-29 pineslet chrome have font_helper(), etc.
2006-08-29 pinesdefault focus being called before dom is finished loading
2006-08-29 pinespatron inactive
2006-08-29 pineshandle CIRC_CLAIMS_RETURNED, but not overridable yet
2006-08-29 pinessort initial column layout
2006-08-29 pinesclipboard and save columns for billings and payments
2006-08-29 pinesconvert Full Details to non-modal window (in order...
2006-08-28 pinesCIRC_EXCEEDS_COPY_RANGE for renew
2006-08-28 ericksonfleshing copy location on fetch instead of fetching...
2006-08-28 pinesstanding indicator layout tweak
2006-08-27 pinesmore font tweaks, and save/load from filesystem
2006-08-27 pinesbackground color
2006-08-27 pineslayout tweak
2006-08-27 pinesfont resizer
2006-08-27 pinesglobal font settings
2006-08-27 pinespersist for splitter in patron display and search
2006-08-27 pinespositional persist
2006-08-26 pinescollapsable sidebar and persist
2006-08-26 pinessave columns for patron search
2006-08-26 pinesresult cap warning if cap reached
2006-08-26 pinescap patron retrieval at 50
2006-08-26 pinesadding Add/Replace for 00[678] -- can not currently...
2006-08-26 pinesinteresting CSS stuff
2006-08-26 pinesPATRON_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED for checkin
2006-08-26 pinesprepend certain lists
2006-08-26 pinestitle sorting and default upper case string sorting
2006-08-26 pinesalternate pull list
2006-08-26 pinesrenewal info in billing summary
2006-08-26 pinescopy editor defaults
2006-08-26 pinescosmetic
2006-08-26 pinesfancy item summary
2006-08-26 pinespublic/private wording with notes, and note printing
2006-08-25 pinesdefault focus when navigating tabs
2006-08-25 pinesAdd Billing from Item Details bug
2006-08-25 pinesD_XULRUNNER
2006-08-25 pinestry catch
2006-08-25 pinesStep 4) ??? Step 5) Profit!!!!!
2006-08-25 pinespatron names in hold lists
2006-08-25 pinesdidn't mean to save that
2006-08-25 pinesadding fixed field editing
2006-08-25 pinesneedless timeout
2006-08-25 mikermangle 005 on save
2006-08-25 pinesholds focus
2006-08-25 pinesfocus for items out
2006-08-25 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-08-25 pinescheck out focus and set deck focus
2006-08-25 pinesnon cat in house use
2006-08-24 ericksonfinished fixing perm name
2006-08-24 ericksonrepaired perm name
2006-08-24 ericksonv1
2006-08-24 ericksonadded "Cash Reports" entry
2006-08-24 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-08-24 pinesbetter error handling with network calls
2006-08-24 ericksonremoved loading of slimtree since it is not used and...
2006-08-23 ericksonfixed boolean test
2006-08-23 pinesmissed a "typeof"
2006-08-22 pinescreate date and edit date for item lists
2006-08-22 mikerfixing the length of the Ctry fixed field
2006-08-22 pinesfixed the No Bucket quick add bug
2006-08-22 pinesdue dates in various item lists
2006-08-20 pinesshow in catalog for holds needed to understand the...
2006-08-20 pinesput .hold access safely inside a test for .hold existen...
2006-08-19 pinesholds handled with damaged/missing
2006-08-18 pinesmore events
2006-08-18 pinestest print
2006-08-18 pinesform feed after each spine label, and persist settings