changed fleshed container method to return non-pub buckets without
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul /
2006-02-27 ericksonremoved some more field requirements and fixed a bug...
2006-02-27 ericksonremoved some of the restrictions on required fields
2006-02-27 ericksonadded Cookies.js to the xml files
2006-02-27 phasefxswitch to new patron editor
2006-02-27 phasefxdon't need a network retrieve, we already have the...
2006-02-27 phasefxlooks like I was worried about name collisions, and...
2006-02-27 ericksonsmall tweaks. fixed bug in card creation
2006-02-24 ericksonpatched up the editor to work with existing patrons.
2006-02-23 phasefxcopy shortcut for volume copy creator
2006-02-23 phasefxcallnumbers from the marc record
2006-02-23 phasefxreset tab names for default tabs
2006-02-23 phasefxlarger font for the catalogers
2006-02-23 phasefxfixed up focus hopping
2006-02-22 phasefxcopy transfer
2006-02-22 phasefxtweaks
2006-02-22 phasefxchanging legacy code.. ack :( put buckets and volume...
2006-02-22 phasefxfixes
2006-02-22 ericksonlots of fixes, data wrangling.
2006-02-22 phasefxtoward usable meat grinder
2006-02-22 phasefxreturn the retrieve_ids (given with each appended row...
2006-02-22 phasefxoptional param for the mapping function
2006-02-22 phasefxmore columns
2006-02-22 phasefxanother entry point for bucket management
2006-02-22 ericksonnow grabbing all data.
2006-02-22 phasefxsome images I probably won't add to cvs, and bucket...
2006-02-22 phasefxtweaks
2006-02-22 phasefxwish I had known about this sooner
2006-02-22 phasefxbug fix.. list needed container item ids
2006-02-22 phasefxsome tweaks and bug fixes
2006-02-21 phasefxcopy buckets
2006-02-21 phasefxstat_cat_entries not set on new copies
2006-02-21 phasefxnasty bug. wasn't filtering the stat_cat_entries corre...
2006-02-21 ericksonsome small tweaks and utility methods
2006-02-21 ericksonstarted the address handling
2006-02-21 phasefxspawn buckets interface from copy status interface
2006-02-21 phasefxsome api and a pointer to the buckets interface
2006-02-21 phasefxdebugging
2006-02-21 phasefxhandle fleshed and unfleshed versions of these columns
2006-02-21 ericksonmore cleaning and arranging, better error handling...
2006-02-21 ericksonfixed some typos, gathering more data
2006-02-20 ericksontrudging forward. added more sanity checks and more...
2006-02-20 phasefxtcn lookup
2006-02-20 ericksonsmall tweaks. making sure focus follows user as they...
2006-02-20 phasefxmarcxml to brn
2006-02-20 phasefxname collision
2006-02-20 phasefxforgot the logging label
2006-02-20 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-02-20 phasefxcopy status interface
2006-02-19 phasefxtweaks and entry points for tcn/barcode lookup
2006-02-19 phasefxfixes
2006-02-19 phasefxfmall for legacy marc editor
2006-02-19 phasefxz3950 -> marc editor
2006-02-19 phasefxthese are no longer used
2006-02-19 phasefxclean up and more mvr columns
2006-02-19 phasefxfleshing this out
2006-02-19 phasefxuseful functions
2006-02-18 phasefxgeneric event dispatch
2006-02-18 phasefxyay!
2006-02-18 phasefxasync when destroying the session key, so login/passwor...
2006-02-17 ericksonuser editor V2 first commit
2006-02-17 phasefxz39.50 interface
2006-02-17 phasefxpoint us to z39.50 import interface
2006-02-17 phasefxsome of the last minutes changes before the last circ...
2006-02-16 phasefxreceipts
2006-02-16 phasefxlist dump for trees
2006-02-16 phasefxutil.print
2006-02-16 phasefxslip printing, cleanup
2006-02-16 phasefxsimple user editor and mock portal
2006-02-16 phasefxlanguage
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't need this anymore
2006-02-16 mikeralerting ilsevents
2006-02-16 mikerusing "barred" instead of "standing", though standing...
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't always want a dialog
2006-02-15 phasefxchanges to checkin logic
2006-02-15 phasefxcheckin logic
2006-02-15 phasefxI see this too much when debugging
2006-02-15 phasefxtoward template previews
2006-02-14 phasefxshow available macros for each print list type
2006-02-14 phasefxfix
2006-02-14 phasefxlayout tweak
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor, in progress
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor
2006-02-14 phasefxother conditions
2006-02-14 phasefxcirculation not found
2006-02-13 phasefxease debugging
2006-02-13 phasefxdebugging
2006-02-13 phasefxrenew items from patron items out interface
2006-02-13 phasefxtesting lxr/cvs
2006-02-13 phasefxI'm really just testing some lxr/cvs stuff
2006-02-10 phasefxmisc tweaks
2006-02-10 phasefxmight do this differently later, but I like the barcode...
2006-02-10 mikerfix initial perms bug
2006-02-09 phasefxreworking checkin. some basic circ
2006-02-08 phasefxhandle new checkin code. doesnt handle all cases yet
2006-02-08 phasefxnew checkin method
2006-02-08 phasefxhide this for now
2006-02-08 phasefxhandle non-cat in item lists
2006-02-08 phasefxapi
2006-02-08 phasefxin-house use