libraries are now filtered on id (there are duplicate names, such as "Bookmobile")
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul /
2005-12-02 phasefxall in lang.dtd
2005-12-02 phasefxtitle
2005-12-02 phasefxrename entities
2005-12-02 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-12-02 phasefxcopy lang.dtd
2005-12-02 phasefxthe only thing we pull from the web is fm_all.js
2005-12-02 phasefxmoving to same dtd file as the opac. Let's see if...
2005-12-01 phasefxback to normal RemoteRequest
2005-12-01 phasefxglobal data object via xpcom
2005-12-01 phasefxtoward patron display
2005-12-01 phasefxold remote request.. URI escaping
2005-12-01 phasefxtoward patron display
2005-12-01 phasefxrefactor
2005-11-30 phasefxtab handling
2005-11-30 phasefxgive up on keysets for now.. might be something non...
2005-11-29 phasefxneed to figure out correct interaction between command...
2005-11-29 phasefxsome tab handling
2005-11-29 phasefxthe way we have xmlbuilder setup, we shouldn't include...
2005-11-09 phasefxdev.gapines
2005-11-04 phasefxprivileges
2005-11-04 phasefxmore privileges
2005-11-04 phasefxtest
2005-11-04 phasefxnew window test
2005-11-04 phasefxcommands were broken. Added a commandset to the first...
2005-11-04 phasefxsome server side xul
2005-11-04 phasefxsnip
2005-11-02 phasefxwork around for remote DTD's for now. Mozilla will...
2005-11-02 phasefxjust a broken snapshot
2005-11-02 phasefxthrow an exception when auth fails
2005-11-02 phasefxa G remnant
2005-11-01 phasefxThis is how we can grant priviledges to remote js witho...
2005-11-01 phasefxtesting chrome vs remote privileges
2005-10-31 phasefxsome other tweaks, in the same vein of passing in only...
2005-10-31 phasefxDon't feed big G to the objects hanging off of G if...
2005-10-18 phasefxsnap
2005-10-06 phasefxsnap. just moving to another machine
2005-10-06 phasefxsee if we can keep things working in remote and chrome...
2005-10-06 phasefxremote xul can be overlayed with local files
2005-10-05 phasefxthe non-cacheable au
2005-10-05 phasefxsome thinkos, offline fixes, remote xul testing
2005-10-03 phasefxpulling/storing the data
2005-10-03 phasefxmoving over some more utils. Let me know if something...
2005-10-03 phasefxstore/retrieve objects in files
2005-10-03 phasefxstore/retrieve objects in files
2005-10-03 phasefxstart of staff client 3