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2006-08-18 pinesVoided total for bill receipts.. can't completely test...
2006-08-17 pinesprint tweaks
2006-08-17 pinestweaks
2006-08-17 pinesthis wreaked havoc on xmlhttprequest
2006-08-17 phasefxonly stash the last patron retrieved in a summary sidebar
2006-08-17 phasefxid collision
2006-08-17 phasefxdebugging
2006-08-17 phasefxdebugging
2006-08-17 phasefxwording tweak, expired event, and logic bug
2006-08-16 ericksonremoved the collections fee handling.. that is done...
2006-08-16 phasefxpull in /ILS/Evergreen/xul/staff_client/server/
2006-08-16 ericksondisabling the ability to add to non-usergroup groups
2006-08-16 phasefxmore patron indicators and styling
2006-08-16 phasefxtweaks to search input filter
2006-08-15 phasefxhandle multi-event exceptions
2006-08-15 phasefxlayout tweaks
2006-08-15 phasefxhold/transit slip tweaks
2006-08-15 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-08-15 phasefxdebugging and don't FIXME overridable events that are...
2006-08-15 phasefxsome details for money payments
2006-08-15 phasefxorder of execution bug
2006-08-15 phasefxstyling for invalid addresses
2006-08-15 phasefxPatron Scan -> Check Out
2006-08-15 phasefxauto-print for bills
2006-08-15 phasefxstyle
2006-08-15 phasefxclipboard for patron search
2006-08-15 phasefxuse ' ' instead of '???'
2006-08-15 phasefxmiddle method has correct sorting
2006-08-14 phasefxnon cat count in summary
2006-08-14 phasefxcosmetic
2006-08-14 phasefxmark item actions
2006-08-14 phasefxtweak magical statuses and mark item actions
2006-08-14 phasefxmark item missing, mark item damaged
2006-08-14 phasefxonly filter [^\w\s] with names on patron search
2006-08-14 phasefxsafer copy editor with copy status
2006-08-14 phasefxsort_type (number, money) hints for list columns
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn sorting... some kinks with on_all_fleshed retrie...
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn persistence in other interfaces
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn persistence in copy status
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn persistence
2006-08-11 phasefxwishful thinking
2006-08-11 phasefxjson as "details" for last resort, and offline patron...
2006-08-11 ericksonchanged some logging, moved back to origanal spawn...
2006-08-11 ericksontrying alternate interface spawning
2006-08-11 ericksonlogic error
2006-08-11 ericksonlogic error
2006-08-11 ericksonadded some logging
2006-08-11 ericksontesting clone
2006-08-11 phasefxclipboard action for barcode in item summary
2006-08-11 phasefxfixes
2006-08-11 phasefxmenu layout
2006-08-11 phasefxforgot to add this
2006-08-11 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-08-11 pinesputting show last few circs and show item summary actio...
2006-08-11 phasefxbool wrappers
2006-08-10 ericksonfixed bug (and simplified) the password verify
2006-08-10 ericksonadded some debugging, fixed error handling prob on...
2006-08-10 phasefxbool wrappers
2006-08-10 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-08-10 phasefxmore columns
2006-08-10 phasefxthe copy details action
2006-08-10 phasefxMake what Julie said the truth
2006-08-10 phasefxwhite on yellow BAD
2006-08-10 phasefxchanged the layout and moved some information to tooltips
2006-08-10 phasefxstash push of copy and other tweaks
2006-08-10 phasefxstyle for pre-cats in bib summary
2006-08-10 phasefxcopy details
2006-08-10 ericksonupdated to actually work ;) fixed bug in profile editin...
2006-08-10 ericksonfixed bug in profile editing when user does not have...
2006-08-10 ericksonadded sanity check
2006-08-10 ericksonadded sanity check
2006-08-10 ericksonadded sanity check
2006-08-10 phasefxcheck for pre-cat in bib summary
2006-08-10 phasefxbetter exception handling
2006-08-10 phasefxsome Copy to Clipboard holdouts
2006-08-09 miker"public" is a reserved word in JS ... ARG!
2006-08-09 phasefxexpiration date
2006-08-09 phasefxlooks like the implementation of tree did change with...
2006-08-09 phasefxthis only makes sense for some of the fields
2006-08-09 ericksonalet_message is now required when barred is set to...
2006-08-09 phasefxChange default receipts so that patron first name isn...
2006-08-09 phasefxwording for patron search results
2006-08-09 phasefxhandle PATRON_INACTIVE just in case
2006-08-09 phasefxwording
2006-08-09 phasefxsyntax
2006-08-09 phasefxhandle some exceptions during volume/copy transfer...
2006-08-09 phasefxhandle CIRC_EXCEEDS_COPY_RANGE in checkout
2006-08-08 ericksonfixed bug caused by dupe barcode check
2006-08-08 ericksonfixed some logic errors in address summary display
2006-08-08 ericksonmaking sure ident_type2 is null instead of ""
2006-08-08 ericksondob no longer required, added dup barcode checking
2006-08-08 phasefxdaily WTF
2006-08-08 phasefxmore filtering
2006-08-08 phasefxremove Patron Credit payment type
2006-08-08 phasefxdon't apply stat cats from a template if the stat cats...
2006-08-08 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-08-08 phasefxfix
2006-08-08 phasefxbilling types
2006-08-08 phasefxcosmetic
2006-08-08 phasefxclipboard