[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / patron / items.xul
2006-09-04 pinesdebugging
2006-08-29 pinesdefault focus being called before dom is finished loading
2006-08-27 pinesglobal font settings
2006-08-25 pinesfocus for items out
2006-08-14 phasefxmark item actions
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn persistence in other interfaces
2006-08-11 pinesputting show last few circs and show item summary actio...
2006-08-10 phasefxsome Copy to Clipboard holdouts
2006-08-03 phasefxoptionally showing noncats in items out
2006-08-03 phasefxselect all for trees, and renew all for items out
2006-07-31 phasefxactions for all items out
2006-07-12 phasefxAdd Billing in other interfaces
2006-06-13 phasefxsplit Items Out into Out and In (with bills)
2006-04-27 phasefxsome context menus and tweaks, and some suggestive...
2006-04-26 phasefxlast of the session cgi params
2006-04-06 phasefxtrying to eliminate redundant refreshes
2006-04-06 phasefxrefresh triggers among patron sub-interfaces, and check...
2006-04-03 phasefxmark item Patron Lost
2006-03-20 phasefxnew way of handling entities for remote xul
2006-01-26 phasefxshould be the last re/un-naming
2006-01-26 phasefxanother great renaming. package names have to be lower...
2006-01-25 phasefxanother one for Kados ;) trying to remove reference...
2006-01-20 phasefxThis commit is for Josh ;) I can still use chrome...
2006-01-05 phasefxstub more actions you might want to make against items
2006-01-03 phasefxkeep items out interface uptodate
2006-01-02 phasefxstub out items Claims Returned
2005-12-22 phasefxtoward more fleshed out items out interface
2005-12-16 phasefxsome fixes and speedups. still ugly with lots of check...
2005-12-16 phasefxfirst cut at patron items list