I had the object vs id handling commented out
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / patron / bills.js
2006-09-06 pinesI had the object vs id handling commented out
2006-09-05 pinesfixing money
2006-09-02 pinesbarcode in bill receipt
2006-09-01 pinestitle in bill receipts
2006-09-01 pinesno longer use this
2006-08-29 pinesconvert Full Details to non-modal window (in order...
2006-08-18 pinesget refresh working again from bill_history so void...
2006-08-18 pinesVoided total for bill receipts.. can't completely test...
2006-08-15 phasefxauto-print for bills
2006-08-04 phasefx2 digits for money display
2006-08-04 phasefxunselected balance
2006-07-17 phasefxdrop modal for bill history/current so we can print...
2006-07-13 phasefxfixed total selected tally
2006-07-13 phasefxslimmer bill summary
2006-07-12 phasefxtruncate title
2006-06-23 phasefxrollback. Need to retackle print from modal window bug
2006-06-23 phasefxI used to have code laying in wait after modal windows...
2006-06-16 phasefxattempt at printing from modal windows resulted in...
2006-06-16 phasefxbill payment receipts.. and templatable. Still need...
2006-06-15 phasefxalternate bill view
2006-06-15 phasefxbilling subtotal and check/uncheck all
2006-05-08 phasefxchecking credit_forward_balance for patron credit payme...
2006-05-01 phasefxstandard error dialog
2006-04-29 phasefxredistribute money on checkbox
2006-04-27 phasefxbilling tweaks, and convenient refunds
2006-04-26 phasefxscary removal of cgi param session
2006-04-25 phasefxshow me the bills
2006-04-20 phasefxbill history and other tweaks to billing interface
2006-04-20 phasefxad-hoc line-item billing.. some display fixes
2006-04-20 phasefxvoiding of billings
2006-04-19 phasefxcosmetics for bill interface
2006-04-06 phasefxtrying to eliminate redundant refreshes
2006-04-06 phasefxstop any redundant refreshes
2006-04-06 phasefxrefresh triggers among patron sub-interfaces, and check...
2006-02-01 phasefxbug fix
2006-01-18 pinespossible to break if you have multiple modal windows...
2006-01-04 phasefxmore source code cosmetics
2006-01-04 phasefxupcase some constants
2006-01-01 phasefxpass bills from bill interface to summary display
2005-12-22 phasefxsome speed ups
2005-12-21 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-12-21 phasefxgather credit card/check info. Use stash for getting...
2005-12-21 phasefxfix bill_payment_applied observer for real this time
2005-12-21 phasefxthinko
2005-12-21 phasefxon display refresh, cycle through each iframe in the...
2005-12-21 phasefxgive display something to call, and bill a way to callb...
2005-12-21 phasefxone way to refresh an interface
2005-12-21 phasefxnot on ilsevent for true yet
2005-12-21 phasefxrequest, not retrieve
2005-12-20 phasefxtoward refresh after bill wizard and preloading bills...
2005-12-20 phasefxwizards don't work with remote xul yet
2005-12-20 phasefxpass in the patron id
2005-12-20 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-20 phasefxbill wizard
2005-12-20 phasefxsimplify. and fix observer in bills_overlay
2005-12-19 phasefxbill details
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bills
2005-12-19 phasefxtweaks. allowevents in listbox
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bills
2005-12-19 phasefxYay! Inserting an empty listitem into a listbox gives...
2005-12-19 phasefxpass in the session and some column tweaks
2005-12-17 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-17 phasefxarray not object
2005-12-17 phasefxforgot to add these. bills in progress