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handle object or id for mbts
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / patron / bill_history.xul
2006-09-06 pineshandle object or id for mbts
2006-09-05 pinestweaking bill history method
2006-08-29 pinesconvert Full Details to non-modal window (in order...
2006-08-27 pinesglobal font settings
2006-08-18 pinesget refresh working again from bill_history so void...
2006-07-19 phasefxcosmetic
2006-07-17 phasefxdrop modal for bill history/current so we can print...
2006-07-16 phasefxprint on_all_fleshed callback
2006-07-16 phasefxhide item summary on grocery bills
2006-07-12 phasefxcopy summary for bill details and bill history
2006-06-16 phasefxprinting from modal windows... might should do modal...
2006-06-16 phasefxdump_with_keys test... looks like one column in the...
2006-06-16 phasefxdefault print templates for historical bills and curren...
2006-06-15 phasefxsome test data for receipt editor, and toward bill...
2006-06-15 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-06-15 phasefxalternate bill view
2006-04-26 phasefxlast of the session cgi params
2006-04-22 phasefxclear the circ display before display attempt
2006-04-22 phasefxget title if possible
2006-04-21 phasefxhistorical billing
2006-04-20 phasefxFull Details and Add Billing from within Bill History
2006-04-20 phasefxbill history and other tweaks to billing interface