current copy location column for hold lists
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / locale / en-US /
2008-08-25 phasefxcurrent copy location column for hold lists
2008-07-07 dbsTerminology consistency and clarity; prepping for trans...
2008-06-19 dbsMerge another i18n patch from Craig Ricciuto
2008-05-21 dbsi18n patch from Craig Ricciuto:
2008-04-08 dbsMissing formatting flag for a common error message.
2008-04-08 dbsBack on that i18n horse
2008-03-25 dbsStart bringing i18n to the copy browser.
2008-03-08 phasefxHrmm, global_utils.js gets copied and shared between...
2008-03-08 phasefxsome i18n goodness and fixes. And an extra column...
2008-02-12 dbsi18n for the server/main and server/OpenILS directories
2008-02-11 dbsComplete server/circ/util.js i18n (oh my aching fingers)
2008-01-29 dbsConvert z39.50 client over to strings...
2008-01-21 dbsEliminate lang.js (old i18n approach).
2008-01-19 dbsDefine common strings for server-side messagecatalogs