Change some of the wording for hold freeze/thaw. Need to rethink fancy_prompt in...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / locale / en-US /
2008-04-02 phasefxChange some of the wording for hold freeze/thaw. Need...
2008-03-25 dbsDuplicate IDs do not work for message catalogs
2008-03-24 dbsMove some more hardcoded strings to i18n.
2008-03-14 phasefxspeed up the copy bucket interface a little bit
2008-03-08 phasefxnon-cat vs pre-cat labels. Stop throwing an error...
2008-02-11 dbsComplete server/circ/util.js i18n (oh my aching fingers)
2008-02-11 dbsStart tackling circ/util.js i18n
2008-02-07 dbsMostly finish off server/circ i18n work
2008-02-07 dbsBring copy_status to the world of i18n
2008-02-06 dbsi18n improvements as I go through updating status
2008-02-02 dbsi18n for copy details and circulation summary screens
2008-02-02 dbsi18n for checkout and circulation info interfaces
2008-01-24 dbsLocalize checkin and checkout interfaces
2008-01-23 dbsLocalize strings in circ checkin interface