Finish the copy_buckets i18n.
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / locale / en-US /
2008-04-08 dbsFinish the copy_buckets i18n.
2008-04-08 dbsBack on that i18n horse
2008-03-26 dbsKnock off a few more strings for i18n
2008-03-25 dbsStart bringing i18n to the copy browser.
2008-03-24 dbsMove some more hardcoded strings to i18n.
2008-03-16 phasefxsimple search for record bucket interface.. uses an...
2008-03-16 phasefxbucket item count
2008-01-19 dbsServer-side XUL uses server-side message catalogs
2007-08-14 phasefx%s, not %S
2007-08-10 phasefxLet's give messagecatalog a spin in remote xul and...