mitigate update/display race. check return value
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / cat / util.js
2006-09-11 pinesmitigate update/display race. check return value
2006-09-03 pinesreturn the new barcode on Replace Barcode so Copy Statu...
2006-08-30 pinesreplace barcode entry points
2006-08-19 pinesholds handled with damaged/missing
2006-08-18 pinesform feed after each spine label, and persist settings
2006-08-14 phasefxtweak magical statuses and mark item actions
2006-08-14 phasefxmark item missing, mark item damaged
2006-08-09 phasefxwording
2006-08-09 phasefxsyntax
2006-08-09 phasefxhandle some exceptions during volume/copy transfer...
2006-08-04 phasefxwording, refactoring, and skipping buckets for item...
2006-07-31 phasefxcopy editor can now remove stat cats
2006-07-18 phasefx"bifurcate"
2006-07-13 phasefxpreventing old copies from showing up in new copy edito...
2006-06-29 phasefxquick copy buckets from copy browser
2006-06-29 phasefxquick copy bucket add
2006-06-27 phasefxfixes
2006-06-26 phasefxuse the stash instead of the url for data passing
2006-06-23 phasefxnew copy editor
2006-06-23 phasefxdedup show in catalog
2006-06-12 phasefxrefactor.. give some item related actions to the checki...
2006-06-06 phasefxcopy editor
2006-06-06 phasefxstart refactoring