added conify link to admin page
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / admin / index.xhtml
2008-10-03 ericksonadded conify link to admin page
2008-09-29 ericksonload the new org settings UI
2008-05-25 phasefxremove redundant (and broken) code so alternate pull...
2008-01-21 dbsMore staff client localization in server/admin
2007-09-18 phasefxpass staff client build_id to reporter as a query param...
2006-10-02 ericksonadded report link
2006-09-14 pinespref for disabling sound
2006-09-07 pinesclassic style pull list for those who miss the old way
2006-09-05 pinesquick way to give hold pull list its own savable column...
2006-09-03 pinesnew tab for transit list
2006-09-01 pinesbare bones transit list. need to add actions, a print...
2006-08-30 ericksontried to nail down the alignment some more..
2006-08-27 pineslayout tweak
2006-08-27 pinesglobal font settings
2006-08-26 pinesalternate pull list
2006-08-24 ericksonadded "Cash Reports" entry
2006-08-03 phasefxprinter settings
2006-07-30 ericksongot the lib settings editor working and added to the...
2006-06-08 ericksonadmin.css
2006-05-25 ericksonexplicit background
2006-05-12 ericksonadded xhtml namespace
2006-05-12 ericksonadding