plugged in click actions for conify pages
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / chrome / content / main / menu.js
2009-05-11 ericksonplugged in click actions for conify pages
2009-05-11 ericksonplugged in some dummy commands to get thing started
2009-04-27 ericksoncreated an Acqusitions menu with a couple of menu entri...
2009-03-19 phasefxfixes the missing xulG.new_tab issue. The problem...
2009-03-18 dbsCasting a null into a String results in a string with...
2009-03-05 phasefxtrying to get the splitter in the patron displays to...
2009-03-04 phasefxoptional button bar between top-level menu and tabbed...
2009-02-22 phasefxpref for disabling accesskeys on tabs
2009-02-22 phasefxbackporting from staff-client-experiment: a network...
2008-12-03 dbsi18n-ize new cookie exception, as well as the override...
2008-12-03 phasefxsets a ses cookie on login, operator change, and on...
2008-11-16 phasefxThis helps move focus out of newly hidden tabs so that...
2008-11-11 phasefxinterface for verifying login credentials
2008-10-08 ericksonadded menu options for vandelay (marc import/export...
2008-06-13 phasefxRetrieve Record via internal Bib Id. No error checking
2008-04-28 dbsClean up trailing comma
2008-03-07 phasefxbring a little sanity to blank tab labels
2008-03-07 phasefxeliminate some redundancy before I try to i18n-ize...
2008-02-04 dbsBring more i18n love to chrome/main
2007-10-03 phasefxjavascript, not perl
2007-10-03 phasefxbugfix for barcode renaming, local code and server...
2007-09-23 phasefxMenu entries for Mozilla's Extension/Theme Manager...
2007-08-28 phasefxstubs for Volume and User buckets
2007-01-23 pinesoption to retrieve deleted records
2006-09-29 pinesdelete tab contents when closing the tab instead of...
2006-08-27 pinespersist for splitter in patron display and search
2006-07-17 phasefxmarc creation stub
2006-07-12 pinesstyle operator change
2006-07-07 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-07-07 pinesoperator change.. needs testing, styling
2006-07-06 pinesprompt
2006-07-06 pinesshutdown command.. need prompt
2006-07-06 pinestweak
2006-07-06 pinesclose all tabs button and new tabs have focus by default
2006-06-05 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-06-05 pinesRetrieve Last Record / Retrieve Last Patron
2006-05-25 phasefxback to chrome opac wrapper for now
2006-05-25 phasefxdebugging
2006-05-24 phasefxbrowser for back/fwd buttons
2006-05-24 phasefxlocal vs remote fix, and accesskey tweak
2006-05-24 phasefxappend before contentWindow, type="content" before...
2006-05-24 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-05-24 phasefxJSAN libraries shouldn't be looking at xulG
2006-05-24 phasefxallow set_tab to use either browser or iframe for embed...
2006-05-12 phasefxbrowser wrapper
2006-05-12 phasefxlocal admin interface entry point and menu options
2006-05-10 phasefxoffline xact management
2006-05-09 phasefxreprint last receipt
2006-05-09 phasefxuse offline patron list
2006-05-09 phasefxdownload the offline patron list
2006-05-04 phasefxtoward hold capture skin for checkin
2006-05-04 phasefxtoward patron groups
2006-05-04 phasefxmoved old hold browser to Admin menu, made entry point...
2006-05-02 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-04-29 phasefxfixed a tab bug and added a new developer option (unhid...
2006-04-28 phasefxtoward record buckets
2006-04-26 phasefxscary removal of cgi param session
2006-04-26 pinesreplace barcode for item
2006-04-26 pinestoward replace barcode
2006-04-26 pineshold capture entry point
2006-04-20 pinesdo it differently
2006-04-20 pinesspawn_search fleshed out
2006-04-19 pinesspawn_search stub for registration
2006-04-19 pineslabeled hold browser and gave it an accesskey, removed...
2006-04-18 phasefxpickup lib hold browser
2006-04-17 pinestab name fix
2006-04-12 pinesdefault focus handler
2006-04-03 pineshave the menu interface use the stashed session
2006-03-31 pinesjust one interface
2006-03-31 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-03-31 pinessome date validation and other stuff
2006-03-30 pinesstandalone upload thingy
2006-03-25 pinesmenu options related to offline mode
2006-03-23 pinesclear cache option from Admin menu
2006-03-12 pinesbrowser wrapper for pull list and public opac
2006-03-10 pineshold pull list
2006-03-10 pinespublic opac
2006-02-23 phasefxreset tab names for default tabs
2006-02-22 phasefxanother entry point for bucket management
2006-02-22 phasefxwish I had known about this sooner
2006-02-20 phasefxtcn lookup
2006-02-20 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-02-19 phasefxtweaks and entry points for tcn/barcode lookup
2006-02-17 phasefxpoint us to z39.50 import interface
2006-02-16 phasefxsimple user editor and mock portal
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor
2006-02-13 phasefxdebugging
2006-02-08 phasefxin house use
2006-02-06 phasefxbetter. prevent window name/id collissions
2006-02-06 phasefxmenu_frame bug fixes and polish
2006-02-03 phasefxplugging in Bill's copy location editor
2006-02-03 phasefxsome tab names
2006-02-02 phasefxuse browser wrapper
2006-02-02 phasefxpatron registration
2006-02-02 phasefxadvanced user editor entry point
2006-01-31 phasefxBill's non-cataloged type editor
2006-01-26 phasefxanother great renaming, and an un-naming