cosmetic, and display the version
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / chrome / content / main / main.js
2006-03-16 pinescosmetic, and display the version
2006-03-16 pineswe changed RemoteRequest.. local chrome needs XML_HTTP_...
2006-03-16 phasefxclear the cache at startup
2006-03-15 pinestrying to disable popup blocking.. but that might not...
2006-03-10 pinesa little polish
2006-03-09 pinesstill needs polish and version detection, but kados...
2006-03-07 phasefxtoward workstation id
2006-02-01 phasefxthis could come in handy
2006-01-27 phasefxdata stash through remote xul
2006-01-26 phasefxanother great renaming, and an un-naming