don't need a network retrieve, we already have the values
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / chrome / content / legacy / _browse.xul
2006-02-27 phasefxdon't need a network retrieve, we already have the...
2006-02-27 phasefxlooks like I was worried about name collisions, and...
2006-02-23 phasefxcopy shortcut for volume copy creator
2006-02-22 phasefxtweaks
2006-02-22 phasefxchanging legacy code.. ack :( put buckets and volume...
2006-02-20 phasefxforgot the logging label
2006-02-06 phasefxdon't refresh copy browse so much
2006-02-06 phasefxpass the docid to the copy editor
2006-02-01 phasefxlegacy chrome side cat code depends on fieldmapper
2006-02-01 phasefxbug fix
2006-01-26 phasefxshould be the last re/un-naming
2006-01-26 phasefxanother great renaming, and an un-naming