correct method name
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / chrome / content / evergreen / main / constants.js
2006-01-18 phasefxcorrect method name
2006-01-18 pinesdetermine whether batch copy viewer becomes a batch...
2006-01-17 phasefxBill gave me a callnumber retrieve method. The call_nu...
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-13 phasefxready for Bill's beauty
2006-01-13 phasefxcopy browser
2006-01-12 pinestoward marc editor
2006-01-12 pinesI really need to come up with a good way for xul to...
2006-01-11 phasefxmarc view in bib details
2006-01-11 phasefxtoward bib details. tab naming is slow
2006-01-11 phasefxtoward cat. and a way to let remote xul open chrome...
2006-01-11 phasefxfixing user edit. browser wrapper remote/chrome dichotomy
2006-01-09 phasefxdebugging. If I invoke the catalog the old way, and...
2006-01-07 phasefxstill broken even if chrome
2006-01-06 phasefxdefault util.browser url is opac advanced search
2006-01-06 phasefxprint button for user editor
2006-01-05 phasefxfirst stab at listing required summaries and possible...
2006-01-05 phasefxdebugging
2006-01-04 phasefxtypo
2006-01-04 phasefxlink in survey wizard
2006-01-04 phasefxmore source code cosmetics
2006-01-04 phasefxupcase some constants
2006-01-04 phasefxmoved main menu/tab interface from remote to chrome
2006-01-02 phasefxSome more calls. copy.fleshed.retrieve is currently...
2005-12-30 phasefxapi change for retrieving au via session. Need to...
2005-12-21 phasefxgather credit card/check info. Use stash for getting...
2005-12-21 phasefxmisc
2005-12-20 pinesbill wizard
2005-12-20 pinesgrocery create
2005-12-20 pinesbilling create
2005-12-20 phasefxhrmm.. the chrome console doesn't like being invoked...
2005-12-19 phasefxMike's patron edit
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bill interface
2005-12-16 phasefxwrong url
2005-12-16 phasefxfirst cut at patron items list
2005-12-15 pinesadvanced search
2005-12-15 phasefxcapture hold interface
2005-12-15 phasefxfirst stab at converting old checkin logic to staff...
2005-12-14 phasefxtoward checkin
2005-12-14 phasefxthe other part of patron search. Still need to update...
2005-12-12 phasefxweirdness with overflow, and toward patron search
2005-12-11 phasefxoops
2005-12-11 phasefxdev tools
2005-12-11 phasefxmake it easier to test things
2005-12-09 phasefxconstants
2005-12-08 phasefxmore url constants
2005-12-08 phasefxmissing comma
2005-12-08 phasefxmore urls
2005-12-08 phasefxtypo
2005-12-08 phasefxmissing comma
2005-12-08 phasefxconsolidated some url/api names into one location