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2006-07-20 mikeradding /very/ basic CN browse to dumpac; subject/author...
2006-07-17 ericksonchanged item jacket url to point to the small images
2006-07-17 mikerupdating copyright on ATOM xslt
2006-07-17 mikerupdating copyright on ATOM xslt
2006-07-03 mikerfixing unapi stuff
2006-07-02 mikerminor fixups for unapi v1
2006-06-28 mikeradding fleshing switch to feed-generated xml
2006-06-26 mikerimproving unapi support; fixing oia and rdf support
2006-06-23 mikerreally fixing IE now...
2006-06-23 mikeragain -- attempting to fix IE vs. XML
2006-06-23 mikerremoving dtd... because IE is insane
2006-06-23 mikerattempting to fix IE vs. XML
2006-06-23 mikerfeed improvements
2006-06-23 mikerusing the correct magic spell for ATOM autodiscovery
2006-06-19 mikerimproved cover art logic
2006-06-19 mikerremoving the server search link
2006-06-19 mikeradding cover art to the dumpac
2006-06-16 mikeradding statcats to htmlholdings
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-11 mikeradding a holdings-specific stylesheet
2006-06-06 mikeradding holdings data to marcxml/htmlcard output
2006-05-31 ericksonadded print link
2006-05-22 mikerfixing "opac" format for supercat and unapi
2006-03-29 mikeradding html "card catalog" output type; adding html...
2006-03-23 mikerenhancing search from the html feed output
2006-03-22 mikerbasic searching within the opensearch results
2006-03-22 mikeradding subject searches to feed output
2006-03-20 mikerdropping the client side xslt
2006-03-09 mikeradding client side xslt for rendering in IE
2006-03-09 mikeradding client side xslt for rendering in IE
2006-03-09 mikerstill trying to make IE happy
2006-03-09 mikernumber sep broke ... fixing
2006-03-09 mikerupdating opensearch output to contain proper unAPI...
2006-03-09 mikerspit out html -- thanks, a9
2006-03-09 mikerfixing html output (server side now)
2006-03-09 mikercorrecting atom author elements
2006-03-05 mikeradding support for atom entries -- opensearch 1.1 here...
2006-02-22 mikeradding RSS item and DC variants to supercat
2006-02-22 mikerRSS2.0 xslt for supercat
2006-02-22 mikerDublin Core stylesheets for SuperCat
2005-11-21 ericksonusing local version of the utils xsl instead of fetchin...
2005-09-15 ericksoncleaned up Biblio some
2005-09-08 ericksonmassive web updates,
2005-08-30 ericksonputting the style directly into the xsl
2005-06-30 ericksonlatest mods xsl
2005-05-02 ericksonour stylesheet for moving from marc xml to html
2005-03-18 ericksonadding xsl files