added some status popups
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / opac / skin / default / xml / myopac / myopac_bookbags.xml
2006-09-04 ericksonadded some status popups
2006-07-30 ericksonremoved some unnecessary white space
2006-06-23 mikeradding ATOM feed links to bookbag page in myopac
2006-06-12 ericksonremoved some unnecessary space
2006-05-31 ericksonremoved some unecessary white space
2006-04-12 ericksona lot of small changes
2006-03-10 ericksoncleaned fines display some. persisting font size via...
2006-03-09 ericksonadded first draft bookbag warning on first new bb
2006-03-09 ericksonadded a container update method
2006-03-09 ericksonadded some confirmation alerts
2006-02-01 ericksonMany random tweaks to get IE to behave
2006-01-20 ericksonnow supports creation and showing of public containers
2006-01-12 ericksonsmall tweaks
2006-01-11 ericksonmore bookbag fun
2006-01-11 ericksonMuch bookbag integration - more to follow
2006-01-11 ericksonearly bookbag code