added locale picker to home page. setting locale value in the selector on page load
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / opac / skin / default / xml / home / homesearch.xml
2008-10-03 ericksonadded locale picker to home page. setting locale value...
2007-11-08 dbsLow-hanging fruit for better (X)HTML compliance:
2007-07-06 ericksonadded support fetching javascript and css from an alter...
2007-07-04 ericksonmoved all visually obvious inline color and border...
2006-04-10 ericksonfixed spacing between main rows
2006-02-16 ericksonsmall style tweaks throughout, some wording updates
2006-02-01 ericksonMany random tweaks to get IE to behave
2005-12-15 ericksonmore advanced search fun
2005-12-14 ericksonreorganizing into logical chunks for ease of maintenance