replace does not, um, replace in place
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2008-07-31 mikerreplace does not, um, replace in place
2008-07-31 mikerdojo-based locale switcher
2007-11-07 dbsSmall XHTML tidying: move from <center> elements to...
2007-09-26 ericksonrepaired include directive
2007-09-25 dbsAdd locale var to slimpac link
2007-06-07 ericksonapplying Dan Scott's opac localization patch to move...
2007-05-18 ericksonadding small default evergreen logo and "powered by...
2007-02-07 mikerforward porting slimpac integration
2006-09-04 ericksonchanged find-lib link
2006-08-25 ericksonnot launching new window
2006-08-14 ericksonfixed name
2006-08-14 ericksonadded beginning of galileo link
2006-05-31 ericksontidying, rearranging the advanced search page
2006-05-12 ericksonpointing help to the wiki
2006-05-03 ericksonswapped for symmetry
2006-04-26 ericksonchanged wording
2006-03-10 ericksonmore style changes
2006-03-10 ericksonmade copyright a little purdier
2006-03-10 ericksonchanged copyright to 2006
2006-03-10 ericksonstyle updates on the copyright block
2006-03-09 ericksonfixed some footer formatting. added some helpful links.
2005-12-13 ericksonmoved opac over to pure SSI and browser-handled XML...