debugging the sort order stuff, changed some terminology, only
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / opac / skin / default / js / search_bar.js
2006-02-28 ericksondebugging the sort order stuff, changed some terminolog...
2006-01-10 ericksonsubmitting search when search class or format drop...
2005-12-15 ericksonmore advanced search fun
2005-12-07 ericksonsetting orig location to location if unset
2005-11-15 ericksonbasic record level holds working on record result and...
2005-11-14 ericksonno longer using dtree
2005-11-14 ericksonadded toggle method to slimtree
2005-10-14 ericksonmore fixes for myopac and record details
2005-10-13 ericksonadded first part of myopac, minor changes
2005-09-16 ericksonnew front page
2005-09-12 ericksonnumerous small style changes
2005-09-08 ericksonmassive web updates,
2005-08-31 ericksonrefactored some of the copy details info
2005-08-23 ericksonchanged org tree to be like the old org tree (children...
2005-08-19 ericksonadding