tweaked wording for Items Out interface to better match reality
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / opac / locale / en-US / lang.dtd
2008-02-14 phasefxtweaked wording for Items Out interface to better match...
2008-02-12 dbsi18n for the server/main and server/OpenILS directories
2008-02-07 dbsMostly finish off server/circ i18n work
2008-02-06 dbsi18n improvements as I go through updating status
2008-02-04 dbsBring more i18n love to chrome/main
2008-02-02 dbsi18n of copy status overlay
2008-02-02 dbsi18n for copy details and circulation summary screens
2008-02-02 dbsi18n for checkout and circulation info interfaces
2008-01-29 dbsConvert z39.50 client over to strings...
2008-01-24 dbsLocalize checkin and checkout interfaces
2008-01-24 dbsUse a more explicit term than "Mult-date" for easier...
2008-01-21 dbsMore staff client localization in server/admin
2008-01-20 dbsThe localization madness continues...
2008-01-20 dbsLocalize many of the strings in closed_dates.xhtml;
2008-01-20 dbsStart using locale SSI env to pull in DTD for XUL/XHTML
2008-01-19 dbsMove strings out of font_settings.xul; shuffle logic...
2008-01-18 dbsMove hardcoded strings out of offline transaction mgmt...
2007-12-05 phasefxcruft. sorry dbs :)
2007-11-07 phasefxDelete Record entities for embedded opac
2007-10-22 phasefxLibrary Card instead of PINES Card
2007-09-23 phasefxVenkman javascript debugger
2007-09-23 phasefxMenu entries for Mozilla's Extension/Theme Manager...
2007-08-28 phasefxstubs for Volume and User buckets
2007-08-18 miker* Big messagecatalog-ization for offline mode (Dan...
2007-08-09 miker(initial, partly broken) offline stringbundle patch...
2007-08-07 mikerPatch from Dan Scott which starts the process of proper...
2007-08-07 mikerRe-application of the main/ i18n patch from Dan Scott
2007-08-01 mikerARG! reverting patch from Dan Scott -- the SC chrome...
2007-08-01 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to entity-ize a chunk of the Staff...
2006-06-02 phasefxz3950 item types, etc.
2006-06-01 phasefxlocalize z3950
2005-12-13 ericksonadde opac-specific DTD's so we can ship small chunks...
2005-12-12 ericksonmore work with containers.
2005-12-09 ericksonXUL based holds work. Need to test from within the...
2005-12-08 ericksonstarted work on xul-based requestor/recipient holds
2005-12-07 ericksonnow alerting when the user hits 'cancel' to the expire...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded login session timeout alerts for when the session...
2005-12-06 phasefxconverting old .properties to entities
2005-12-05 ericksonadded permission example
2005-12-05 phasefx.lang entities
2005-12-05 ericksonadded permission denied text
2005-12-05 ericksonincorporated ilseents.xml file into opac
2005-12-05 phasefxone physical line per entity
2005-12-05 ericksonadded example event
2005-12-02 phasefxstaff prefix for entities
2005-12-02 ericksonadding words, updating opac
2005-12-02 ericksonadding words, updating opac
2005-12-02 ericksonadding words.. updating opac
2005-12-02 ericksonadded some common stuff
2005-12-02 ericksoncombined staff client entities
2005-11-18 ericksonmore added content methods created and some added conte...
2005-11-15 ericksonadded holds cancellation to myopac
2005-11-14 ericksonno longer using dtree
2005-11-14 mikerupdating tips stuff
2005-11-14 mikerdtd-izing the tips stuff (and the "of" on the results...
2005-11-11 ericksonusing new slimtree for sidebars
2005-11-09 ericksonmoved xml to new mod_xmlbuilder style (sans explicit...
2005-10-14 ericksonmore fixes for myopac and record details
2005-09-16 ericksonnew front page
2005-09-08 ericksonmassive web updates,
2005-09-06 ericksonadded format icons
2005-08-30 ericksonchanged copy details layout, still some tweaks to be...
2005-08-26 ericksonrecord details work
2005-08-25 ericksonstarted opac details page..
2005-08-19 ericksonadding