default to for server
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / opac / common / js / RemoteRequest.js
2006-03-15 ericksondefault to for server
2006-03-15 ericksonremove uncommented line.
2006-03-03 ericksonadded abortAllRequests which does just that.
2006-03-01 ericksonadded an abort() method for remoterequests (which works...
2006-02-06 ericksondumping exceptions to console when isXUL is true
2006-01-20 ericksonnow returns null if there is no data from the server...
2005-12-02 ericksonfixed typo
2005-12-01 ericksonshort circuit empty objects
2005-11-30 ericksonpatched up to work with new gateway layout
2005-11-18 ericksonxul user is now shoved into the opac user's slot when...
2005-11-17 ericksontype in remote request fixed so that EX objects are...
2005-11-15 ericksonadded holds cancellation to myopac
2005-10-13 ericksonadded first part of myopac, minor changes
2005-08-29 ericksonmoved back to
2005-08-23 ericksonchanged org tree to be like the old org tree (children...
2005-08-23 ericksonchanged host
2005-08-23 ericksonmoved exceptions here and no longer using instance of
2005-08-23 ericksonmoved isXUL to RemoteRequest
2005-08-19 ericksonadding