removing old, unused code
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2008-09-07 ericksonmarc xpath parser and compiler. needs more testing
2008-08-03 erickson"parent" is a special variable. some browsers (opera...
2008-07-31 mikermore locale switch work
2008-07-27 mikerremoving overly agressive locale normalization
2008-07-27 ericksonported getbysession to fieldmapper.standardrequest...
2008-07-27 ericksonadded method name to default transport error handler
2008-07-24 mikeruse filtering select to present the friendly name of...
2008-07-24 mikerpull valid locales from the configured set in the database
2008-07-24 mikerbackporting virtual field support from acq branch
2008-07-23 mikerbe careful with identity values
2008-07-22 mikertranslator head port
2008-07-14 mikercorrecting tranlation widget
2008-06-26 ericksonadding some copy loc handling code
2008-06-26 ericksonsetting globl .user var if not already set. removed...
2008-06-20 ericksonanother cookie path
2008-06-20 ericksonstore the ses cookie globally
2008-05-29 ericksonadding Davids org perm store caching with some slight...
2008-05-28 ericksonretrieving high perm org IDs instead of objects now...
2008-05-28 ericksonadded function to return a flat list of org + descendants
2008-05-26 dbsmiker's bane: typo: visiblity -> visibility
2008-05-23 mikerStop being Dan's problem
2008-05-22 mikeridentifier is class based
2008-05-22 mikerfurther fix for Identifier support
2008-05-22 mikeruse the configured identifier field
2008-05-22 mikerteach JS about the shortname field on slim org lists
2008-05-13 ericksonadded missing }
2008-05-13 mikerstore actual nulls instead of stringified "null"
2008-05-13 mikertell toStoreData to allow nulls in hashes
2008-05-13 mikerallow null properties coming from objects
2008-05-10 ericksonadded explicit hash import
2008-05-09 mikerreorder if blocks so getById is possible
2008-05-08 ericksonif optional authcookie is set for the user, the login...
2008-05-08 ericksoncreated a fully synchronous version of the login method
2008-05-08 ericksondojo-ized CGI parser
2008-05-06 ericksonadded some more explicit error handling calls for easie...
2008-05-06 ericksoncan't call .splice on the arguments object, found some...
2008-04-28 mikermade translation widget self-contained
2008-04-24 mikertypo in translate
2008-04-24 mikermoving es-us to es to catch all es-*
2008-04-24 mikeradd translation support to the, um, translation widget...
2008-04-23 ericksonfixed what appears to be some copy paste errors. no...
2008-04-23 mikerback-compat global population
2008-04-23 mikertypo in name
2008-04-23 mikerOO-ify openils.User
2008-04-23 mikermove the translation widget out to openils.widget
2008-04-23 mikermove the translation widget out to openils.widget
2008-04-21 ericksonadded function to flesh out an OrgUnitFilteringSelect...
2008-04-21 ericksonfindOrgType lives in the fieldmapper.aout namespace
2008-04-21 ericksonadded widget directory and new org unit filtering selec...
2008-04-20 ericksonhah! didn't mean to commit with hard-coded test perm
2008-04-20 ericksonadded a method to build a Tree based on perm orgs.
2008-04-18 mikertypo in identifier setting
2008-04-18 mikeradding Identifier to fieldmapper classes
2008-04-18 mikerrefactoring the translation widget some more -- happier...
2008-04-18 mikerdojo-ify fmall.js
2008-04-17 mikerpull in my own requirements
2008-04-17 mikerin-db translation Digit widget
2008-04-16 dbsAnd so it is done. OpenSRF.js has been renamed to DojoS...
2008-04-16 mikerdefault error handler typo
2008-04-16 mikerbackend i18n dojo wrapper
2008-04-15 mikerdojo.require OpenSRF, since we use it herein. it will...
2008-04-14 ericksonchecking to make sure the potential event is actually...
2008-04-14 ericksonadded a synchronous option to user session fetching
2008-04-14 mikeradd support for async calls via an async kwarg
2008-04-14 ericksonadded function to get the highest org list for a given...
2008-04-13 ericksonuser and auth session management class
2008-04-13 ericksonadded initial Event handling code
2008-04-11 mikermerging dojo-ified fieldmapper from the dojo-admin...