LP 1772053: Cleanup Dan's code.
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / js / ui / default / staff / admin / workstation / app.js
2020-04-28 Jason StephensonLP 1772053: Cleanup Dan's code.
2020-04-28 Dan PearlLP 1772053: Add Missing Fields to Print Templates
2019-12-13 Bill EricksonLP1824391 Hatch File Writer print support
2019-12-13 Bill EricksonLP1825891 Use Hatch 'hostname' for workstation reg.
2019-12-13 Bill EricksonLP1825896 Store workstations in Hatch when available
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1776020 Patron preferred name & name keywords
2018-08-03 Bill EricksonLP#1750894 Server-stored workstaion prefs admin view
2018-08-03 Bill EricksonLP#1750894 Workstation & Cascade settings
2018-07-11 Garry CollumLP#1730003 Courier code doesn't display in transit...
2018-05-24 Garry CollumLP#1745232 - Bill History Receipt doesn't have Finish...
2018-03-23 Remington SteedLP#1693036: Simplify template, cleanup preview data
2018-03-23 Galen CharltonLP#1693036: follow-up: fix printing of daytime phone...
2018-03-23 Kyle Huckinslp1693036 Patron Editor Print Data
2018-03-01 Cesar VelezLP#1739504 - create prototype of latency test tool...
2018-03-01 Cesar VelezLP#1739504 - Fire off each ping sequentially
2018-02-16 Jason BoyerLP1737540: Add Patron Information to Receipts
2017-11-17 Kathy LussierLP#1708489: Adjust sample holds status
2017-11-17 Kyle HuckinsLP#1708489 Hold Shelf Print Template Additions
2017-11-09 Jane SandbergDocs: incorporating offline circ docs
2017-11-09 Galen CharltonLP#1708488: adjust how patron financial summary is...
2017-11-09 Kyle HuckinsLP#1708488 Checkout Print Template Balance Owed
2017-11-08 Sam LinkWeb Client: Make Patron Email Clickable
2017-09-17 Jane SandbergMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2017-09-17 Cesar VelezLP#1705068 - fix workstation already exists cancel...
2017-08-11 Mike RylanderLP#1705524: Honor timezone of the acting library where...
2017-08-07 Jason EtheridgeLP#1704873 webstaff: label printing
2017-03-04 Jason StephensonLP 1648922: Hide orgs that can't have users in workstat...
2017-02-18 Jane SandbergMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2017-02-16 Bill EricksonLP#1646166 Hatch settings migration
2017-02-16 Bill EricksonLP#1646166 Hatch availability display improvements
2017-02-16 Bill EricksonLP#1646166 À la carte Hatch, on-call settings, strict...
2017-02-16 Bill EricksonLP#1646166 Hatch print configiguration interface
2017-02-16 Bill EricksonLP#1640255 Hatch native messaging extension
2017-02-10 Jason StephensonLP 1648918: Remove Workstation at Root of User's Permis...
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add seed data for item status receipt template
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add printing to transit list page
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: another addition to seed data for print templ...
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add more seed data for print template previews
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add print template and action for in-house...
2017-01-09 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add support for per-template printer contexts
2016-11-22 Galen Charltonwebstaff: add import and export of print templates
2016-11-22 Galen Charltonwebstaff: implement some workstation preferences
2016-11-22 Bill EricksonLP#1467663 webstaff: dedicated workstation admin page
2016-08-18 Bill Ericksonwebstaff: audio disable and testing options
2016-02-27 Jason EtheridgeLP#1546125: use correct service for .storePrintTemplate
2015-08-19 Mike Rylanderwebstaff: Vol/Copy edit (volumes ATM)
2015-02-25 Mike RylanderLP#1402797 Do not allow workstations as org units that...
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 Browser client templates/scripts (phase 1)