improve linking out of acquisitions upload page
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / js / ui / default / acq / picklist / upload.js
2017-02-18 Galen Charltonimprove linking out of acquisitions upload page
2013-02-14 Bill EricksonACQ upload does not persist provider
2013-02-14 Bill EricksonACQ upload persists fiscal year
2013-02-14 Bill EricksonACQ upload form widget value persistence
2012-08-14 Bill EricksonDefault to current fiscal year in ACQ order upload
2012-08-14 Bill EricksonFiscal year selector in ACQ order record upload
2012-05-23 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-21 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-19 Mike RylanderVandelay-based record matching and import for Acquisitions
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonAcq+Vandelay : consistent post-upload link names
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonAcq+Vandelay: post-upload links open in embedded browser
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonAcq upload UI re-use new picklist
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ+Vandelay open picklist/PO/queue in new tab
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ+Vandelay import/merge user interface components
2010-04-13 ericksonuse oilsBasePath consistently for relative url support
2009-05-06 ericksonuse fully-qualified path in view po/pl links
2009-04-14 ericksonadded status infor for bibs imported and indexed and...
2009-04-13 ericksonadded post-upload links to load the resulting PO and...
2009-04-10 ericksonadded support for choosing to create bib/copy/callnumbe...
2009-04-09 ericksonadded some debugging for now and initial status updates
2009-03-24 ericksonrepaired limit perm args to autofieldwidget
2009-03-24 ericksonplugged in PO creation to marc upload process. small...
2009-03-24 ericksonadded a marc order record upload form for creating...