more locale switch work
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / js / dojo / fieldmapper / Fieldmapper.js
2008-07-31 mikermore locale switch work
2008-07-27 ericksonadded method name to default transport error handler
2008-05-22 mikeridentifier is class based
2008-05-06 ericksonadded some more explicit error handling calls for easie...
2008-05-06 ericksoncan't call .splice on the arguments object, found some...
2008-04-18 mikertypo in identifier setting
2008-04-18 mikeradding Identifier to fieldmapper classes
2008-04-18 mikerdojo-ify fmall.js
2008-04-16 dbsAnd so it is done. OpenSRF.js has been renamed to DojoS...
2008-04-16 mikerdefault error handler typo
2008-04-14 mikeradd support for async calls via an async kwarg
2008-04-11 mikermerging dojo-ified fieldmapper from the dojo-admin...