use MARC terminology
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2008-07-25 mikeruse MARC terminology
2008-07-25 dbsTypo: Vidoe -> Video
2008-07-23 mikermarc code editor works (sans vr format map)
2008-07-22 mikerconfiguration interfaces
2008-07-14 mikerfixing translation framework for perms and statuses...
2008-06-19 mikeradd opac_visible flag to config.copy_status; make Reser...
2008-05-23 mikerstart of code map admin interfaces
2008-04-28 mikerfixing translator for grids
2008-04-24 mikeradd translation support to the, um, translation widget...
2008-04-23 mikeradding translation for description
2008-04-23 mikermove the translation widget out to openils.widget
2008-04-18 mikerload fmall.js via dojo in fieldmapper.Fieldmapper
2008-04-18 mikerput the translation widget into the status grid
2008-04-17 mikermove locale parsing out to a separate javascript file...
2008-04-17 mikerlocale parsing based on URL knowledge (because apache...
2008-04-17 mikerpull in my own requirements
2008-04-11 mikermerging admin interface from the dojo-admin branch