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2006-09-02 ericksonadded notify fleshing to another method
2006-09-02 ericksonmade the circ retrieval less strict for marking an...
2006-09-02 ericksonMsg is just a message repository - will likely load...
2006-09-01 ericksonremoved try-catch in favor of cleaner code
2006-09-01 ericksonadded notify_time and notify_count fleshing method
2006-09-01 ericksonprotect empty string
2006-09-01 ericksonfixed typo
2006-09-01 mikerrefactored might_have rels; added tons of missing relat...
2006-09-01 mikeradding some indexes for transits
2006-09-01 mikeradding sane default sort to transits by lib
2006-09-01 ericksonadded retrieval method
2006-09-01 ericksonadded some retrieval methods for plain transits as...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded logic which makes the server re-login on auth...
2006-08-31 mikermore updates ... more diffs
2006-08-31 mikerupdates ... see diff
2006-08-31 ericksonusing org email as reply-to
2006-08-31 ericksonadded deleted check to copy search
2006-08-31 ericksonusing new constant name for billing type - added todo...
2006-08-31 ericksonignoring all stat cat updates if the copy is deleted
2006-08-31 ericksonadded constanst for collect fee billing type
2006-08-31 ericksonhold notify logic is all plugged in minus the actual...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded method to return all holds that point to a given...
2006-08-31 ericksonno longer magically copying maps into entries field...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded protection from fleshed stat-cats in entries...
2006-08-31 ericksonlogging full user object before and after update for...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded plain old disconnect method
2006-08-31 ericksonnot voiding non-overdue fines for checkin backdating
2006-08-31 ericksonno longer allowing refunds past the level of the desk...
2006-08-31 ericksonprevent transit abort if transit_copy_status is lost...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded bypass for user checks - good for item checkin...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded some log lines for testing
2006-08-31 ericksondisabled dup ident checks for new patron create
2006-08-31 ericksonadded const for overdue billing type
2006-08-31 ericksonadded some events
2006-08-30 ericksonadded some more deleted checks
2006-08-30 ericksonadded generic rollback method to roll back and disconnect
2006-08-30 ericksonadded caching version of batch call
2006-08-30 mikermoney.desk_payment_view support
2006-08-29 mikerrefactoring in prep for multi-table filtering and the...
2006-08-29 mikeradding some useful indexes
2006-08-29 mikerfixing the "moving MRs" problem
2006-08-29 mikerremoving dup stripping .... it is a unicorn problem
2006-08-29 ericksonchecking deleted on copy
2006-08-29 ericksonmaking sure itemid is set when in-house use is made...
2006-08-29 ericksonallowed re-use of deleted barcodes
2006-08-28 mikerrelax unique barcode constraint for deleted items
2006-08-28 ericksonmore detail logging on login
2006-08-28 ericksonbeing yet more careful about the requestor field
2006-08-28 ericksonsetting stop_fines_time to the claim-return backdate...
2006-08-28 ericksonadded custom copy flesh method
2006-08-28 ericksonchecking inactive
2006-08-28 mikerauto-billing fixes and hold processing bug
2006-08-28 ericksondestroying script context when complete
2006-08-28 mikerbetter date range support for surveys
2006-08-28 ericksonmaking cnbrowse link
2006-08-28 ericksonfixed logic error created by log line (no brackets...
2006-08-28 ericksonadded some logging
2006-08-28 ericksonshowing fewer fields by default on user object, turned...
2006-08-27 mikerstripping .s in the middle of stuff ... like "u.s.a."
2006-08-27 ericksonmoved json parsing methods to non-printf style methods...
2006-08-25 ericksonreturning OK on screen_msg if nothing is wrong to make...
2006-08-25 ericksonstrippint $ from deposit_amount
2006-08-25 mikerupdating interpolated period stripping
2006-08-25 ericksonsanity check
2006-08-25 ericksonimplemented non-cat-in-house-use circ creator
2006-08-25 ericksonadded method to return parts of a user
2006-08-25 ericksoncopying xsl files to opac extras dir
2006-08-25 mikeradding support for non-cat inhouse use
2006-08-25 ericksonupdated hold permit to check correct lib, inserting...
2006-08-25 ericksonadded more penalty checks
2006-08-25 mikerperl based, so they are safer than srfsh and his puny...
2006-08-25 mikerimport fixups
2006-08-24 mikerimport tweaks
2006-08-24 mikerminor fixups
2006-08-24 ericksonsetting payment_type field on payment objects
2006-08-24 ericksonstripping $ in money blobs to be safe
2006-08-24 ericksonlogic error on bool test
2006-08-24 ericksonadded some logging
2006-08-24 mikeruse search_where, because CDBI is not as cool as cstore :P
2006-08-24 ericksonimplemented fee_amount method
2006-08-23 ericksonadded deleted check to barcode fetches
2006-08-23 ericksonadded some cash report methods
2006-08-23 ericksonmaking sure var is defined
2006-08-22 mikerorder_by update
2006-08-22 ericksonre-creating script-runner object on renew
2006-08-22 ericksonfixed bug in cache key generation for searches
2006-08-21 ericksonadded barcode version of fleshed2
2006-08-21 mikeradding default PINES rules to install sql
2006-08-21 mikeradding initial closed date support to the targeter
2006-08-21 ericksonadding latest circ for checked out copies in copy_tree...
2006-08-21 ericksonfixed order_by clause
2006-08-21 ericksonadded latest circ to flesh copy call and displaying...
2006-08-21 mikeradding "vr_format" param to multiclass searches --...
2006-08-21 mikermoving conifg/constant hashes into their own files
2006-08-21 mikeradding vr_format to rec_descriptor
2006-08-20 ericksonadded hold type constants
2006-08-20 ericksoncalling hold targeter at runtime for copy-level holds
2006-08-20 mikersyntax error
2006-08-20 mikerfixing odd characters
2006-08-20 mikeradded 007 data and videorecordingFormat() function