LP#1978839 Holds Pull List - Library Shortnames
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src /
3 days ago Dan BriemLP#1978839 Holds Pull List - Library Shortnames master
3 days ago Garry CollumLP1951642 Self-registration DOB autopopulating date
4 days ago Garry CollumLP1950166 TPac: Self-registration form won't submit...
4 days ago Garry CollumLP1950514: TPac hold groups table displays incorrect...
4 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1942647: (follow-up) fix lint
4 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1851884: eg-fm-record-editor: avoid fetching all...
4 days ago Jeff DavisLP#1945385: use eg-admin-page for circ limit sets admin UI
2022-06-17 Kyle Huckinslp1942647 Provide Warning when deleting Term linked...
2022-06-10 Garry CollumLP1950345-Format the Current Hold Groups table in boots...
2022-05-31 Galen CharltonLP#1974195: fix memory leak when performing fleshed...
2022-05-21 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.8.1 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.7.3 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1857910: (follow-up) fix styling of mandatory class...
2022-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1857910: (follow-up) enhance IDL for field doc
2022-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1857910: (follow-up) stamp DB update
2022-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1857910: (follow-up) clean up lint
2022-05-20 Jason EtheridgeLP1857910 add org family selector to field doc UI
2022-05-20 Jason EtheridgeLP1857910 make field doc grid sortable/pageable
2022-05-20 Jason EtheridgeLP1857910 ws setting type for field doc grid
2022-05-20 Bill EricksonLP1857910 Field doc UI Angular 10 updates
2022-05-20 Kyle Huckinslp1857910 Field Documentation Port
2022-05-19 Kyle Huckinslp1950507 Providers Admin Screenreader form fix
2022-05-12 Bill EricksonLP1930740 EDI order writer attribute check repair
2022-05-05 Jason EtheridgeLP#1965579: stop gap for negative bills in OPAC
2022-04-28 Mike RylanderForward port 3.9 upgrade script
2022-04-28 Mike RylanderCorrect jacket uploader upgrade script
2022-04-27 Galen CharltonLP#1970486: fix SuperCat crash on serial units with...
2022-04-22 Garry CollumLP1907863 Bootstrap Opac: My Lists formatting
2022-04-21 Jason BoyerTest Followup: Fix Jacket Dir in autogen.sh
2022-04-20 Bill EricksonLP1956626 Copy editor loads all needed copy locations
2022-04-20 Galen CharltonLP#1950468: make Replace Barcode from Item Status detec...
2022-04-20 Bill EricksonLP1969232 Use fonts-only material icon fonts package
2022-04-08 Mike RylanderLP#1967770: Followup fix for cover image directories
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergStamp upgrade script for MADS update
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergLP1800871: small correction to upgrade script
2022-04-07 Josh StomproLP#1800871 - MARC21slim2MADS 2.15 update
2022-04-07 Garry CollumLP#1942240 Insufficient color contrast in boostrap...
2022-04-07 Jeff DavisLP#1966802: add Matomo support to Bootstrap OPAC
2022-04-07 Garry CollumLP1958163 Bootstrap Opac: the 'Request a Card' link.
2022-04-07 Josh StomproLP#1778783 - Circulate.pm fix log_me correct barcode var
2022-04-07 Bill EricksonLP1958265 Holds grid barcode print/csv fix
2022-04-07 Terran McCannaLP1958265 Angular Holds Grids Not Printing Barcode
2022-04-07 Jason StephensonLP1959904: Fix Angular Profile Select Component
2022-04-07 Bill EricksonLP1950826 Return error result on contact invalidation
2022-04-07 Jason EtheridgeLP1950826 fix invalidate email action
2022-04-07 Kyle Huckinslp1913340 - List All Courses in OPAC
2022-04-06 Chris SharpLP#1954923: Fix current date issue in Boostrap OPAC...
2022-04-06 Garry CollumLP1920039-Bootstrap Opac: More Details button doesn...
2022-04-05 Galen CharltonLP#1967770: Fix test for cover image upload
2022-04-05 Mike RylanderLP#1967770: Make sure cover image dirs exist
2022-04-04 Jason BoyerLP1930747: Add MARC_NAMESPACE to Const.pm
2022-03-30 Michele MorganLP#1919500 - Tweak to Checkout Staff display
2022-03-30 Josh StomproLP#1919500 - Add Checkout Workstation and Checkout...
2022-03-28 Terran McCannaLP1865062 Add Credit Card Approval Code to Payment...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP#1965432: follow-up also update package-lock.json
2022-03-28 Chris SharpLP#1965432: Upgrade karma to latest version.
2022-03-28 Jason StephensonLP 1964963: Improve Customization of BOOPAC topnav...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergFix ng lint errors
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script for localized notifications
2022-03-28 Rogan HambyThis feature supplies the ability to create alternate...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script for OAI-PMH
2022-03-28 Mike RylanderLP#1729620: Rebase and remove array_accum uses
2022-03-28 Mike RylanderLP#1729620: Polish up sets and visibility tests
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP1729620: Enable org unit OAI sets
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: (follow-up) do not suggest timestamp manipu...
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: add HTTP::OAI to Debian Bullseye deps
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: fix a tab consistency issue
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: (follow-up) remove extra child_init that...
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: (follow-up) move OpenILS::WWW::OAI
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: (follow-up) move OAI methods to open-ils...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP#1729620 Follow-up bugfixes
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP#1729620 Updating modern dependencies to include...
2022-03-28 Remington SteedLP#1729620 Cleanup, fix bugs
2022-03-28 Lucien van WouwLP#1729620 New optional feature: an OAI2 provider service.
2022-03-27 Jason BoyerLP1900005: Don't require a specific 'opensrf' user
2022-03-25 Terran McCannaLP1930614 Bootstrap OPAC Summary Block
2022-03-25 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for JQuery YAOUS
2022-03-25 Rogan Hambyadding query to opac by library setting
2022-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1958581 Copy to clipboard always available
2022-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1958581 Angular Grid Copy To Clipboard
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderFixing merge conflict resolution from Simple Reporter...
2022-03-24 Garry CollumLP#1959405: hold status not looking for shelf delay...
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for inventory changes
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Add Perl live test
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Basic staff client modifications
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Replace circ method to update...
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Modify do_checkin for asset...
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Database & IDL updates for copy...
2022-03-24 Michele MorganLP1907123 Angular Catalog View Holds missing columns
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for Simple Reporter (permission...
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerMake the "ignore this boolean" option more clear
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerUpdate Promise instantiation to deal with TypeScript...
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerWire up Simple Reporter into the Staff Client Interface
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerSimple Reporter Angular App
2022-03-24 Mike Rylanderadd component for general text multi-select
2022-03-24 Mike Rylanderimprove existing components for use in SR
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderMake disused "= any" and "<> any" useful
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerTeach Current Reporter to Ignore Simple Reporter Folders
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerAdd Simple Reporter Schema Changes
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script