more checkout code
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src /
2006-02-13 ericksonmore checkout code
2006-02-13 mikergauntlet supercat + oisbn
2006-02-13 mikerfixup to support SuperCat
2006-02-11 mikeradded sort order on SELECTs so that selection_depth...
2006-02-11 mikerrefactored copy targeter to use new JS copy tester...
2006-02-10 ericksonadding initial permit script for copy level holds
2006-02-10 ericksonadding V1 of the shared permit hold code
2006-02-09 ericksontweaks
2006-02-09 ericksonadded in a copy_transit_create method
2006-02-09 mikerpivot is fixed for unbalanced grouped columns
2006-02-09 mikerpivot bug fix (I think)
2006-02-08 ericksonreturning title, copy, and circ objects on checkin
2006-02-08 ericksonadded simple request utilty to display fieldmapper...
2006-02-08 mikerremoving confusing (non)error message
2006-02-08 mikeruseful template
2006-02-08 mikerbig ol reporter cleanup for the meeting
2006-02-08 ericksonmaking new 'renew' method the official one
2006-02-08 ericksonbasic circulation (checkout, renew, checkin) is now...
2006-02-08 mikermoving spurious error message out of the way
2006-02-07 ericksonmore progress on renewals
2006-02-06 ericksonmore work on plugging in the renewal code
2006-02-06 ericksonnon-existent indeces now return NULL in fm_pton to...
2006-02-06 ericksondebug info now shows caller 0 and 1 (instead of 1 and 2)
2006-02-06 ericksonmore circ work on pre-cataloged items.
2006-02-06 mikerprotecting against no rec_descriptor (pre-cat)
2006-02-06 mikercorrecting argument count for staff version
2006-02-06 mikeradded EXISTS/NOT EXISTS to the multiclass search for...
2006-02-04 mikerfaster searches yay
2006-02-03 mikerfixing replacable param stuff...
2006-02-03 mikerminor bugfix
2006-02-03 mikeradding fleshed retrieve for asset stat cats
2006-02-03 mikeruser stat cats in the user editor
2006-02-03 ericksonadding more noncat and precat logic
2006-02-03 ericksonmaking sure maps are new before dying on non-updated...
2006-02-03 ericksoncleaned some
2006-02-03 ericksonadding copy_location related code ... module plus test...
2006-02-03 mikerminor bug fixes
2006-02-02 ericksonreturning grocery bills in the fleshed call as well
2006-02-01 ericksonmore non-cat tweaks
2006-02-01 mikeradding circ_duration to non-cat types
2006-02-01 mikerprotecting myself against 0 search terms
2006-02-01 mikeradding workstation underpinnings
2006-02-01 mikersimplified/corrected usr_has_perm for grantable; added...
2006-02-01 mikerpublic becomes pub
2006-02-01 mikeroops ... space-vs-tab bugfix
2006-02-01 mikerranged asset.copy_location selector
2006-02-01 mikerrenaming column "public" to "pub" because JS hates me
2006-02-01 ericksonall login sessions now have their session timeouts...
2006-02-01 ericksonAdded permit key to circ permit calls and updated test...
2006-01-31 ericksoncommented out the hold blocking .. left as an example
2006-01-30 ericksonchanged output some
2006-01-30 ericksonMore circ work
2006-01-30 ericksonadding and updating circ scripts as the code evolves
2006-01-30 phasefxserver xul versioning
2006-01-30 mikermoving to UNIVERSAL::require to suck in implementation...
2006-01-30 ericksonmade checkout methods take hash refs instead of named...
2006-01-30 ericksonAdded additional param to all the osrfLog* calls which...
2006-01-30 phasefxpart of the versioning puzzle
2006-01-27 ericksonnon-cataloged circs are now working
2006-01-27 mikersort field and sort order support; signature fix for...
2006-01-27 ericksonnow have non-cataloged items checkouts working with...
2006-01-27 ericksonadding an in-house use creation tester
2006-01-27 ericksoncreated an in-house use creation method
2006-01-27 ericksonfixed some bugs in circulate to get the noncat stuff...
2006-01-27 ericksonadding untested noncat circ create code
2006-01-27 mikermore opensearch fixup; bugfix for "no need to re-bootstrap"
2006-01-27 ericksonchecking all non-cat types in my orgs for an existing...
2006-01-27 ericksonbroke the permit portion of circ into patron and copy...
2006-01-27 ericksondefining $method var for compilation
2006-01-27 ericksonAdded lame warning message to makefile when the storage...
2006-01-27 mikerbucket cleanup
2006-01-27 mikeropensearch cleanup
2006-01-26 mikerstanding penalty support -- requires FM dance; also...
2006-01-26 mikerfull-path bugfix
2006-01-25 ericksonnow calling the ranged retrieval method
2006-01-25 mikerdepth away full-path SP
2006-01-25 mikerranged non-cat types; depth aware full-path (my_orgs)
2006-01-25 ericksonfixed bug in code that uses the org tree
2006-01-25 ericksonadded the beginnings of the noncat code + events
2006-01-25 ericksonadded override login type for short logins
2006-01-25 erickson added -f to the ln calls in case the dest files alread...
2006-01-25 phasefxtweak
2006-01-25 phasefxsyntax
2006-01-25 phasefxlet's uncomment these
2006-01-25 phasefxlooks sane to me, but untested
2006-01-24 ericksonmade app name functions as well so the import of so...
2006-01-24 ericksonresult object is no longer pushed into 'environment'
2006-01-24 ericksonadded batch version of perm.highest_org and now make...
2006-01-24 ericksoncopying js (not the CVS dir :) )
2006-01-24 ericksonfixed bug which assumed stat cats on a copy
2006-01-24 ericksonNow pushing all objects into 'environment'
2006-01-23 mikerupdates for the perm editor -- FM dance required
2006-01-23 ericksonstat cat editor now loads stat cat perms at page load...
2006-01-23 ericksonadded permission checks to stat_cat methods
2006-01-23 ericksonmoved to "environment" instead of "env".
2006-01-23 ericksonplugged in the 'env' object and now pushing env.isRenew...
2006-01-20 ericksonupdated docs on permit method
2006-01-20 ericksonadded a non-authenticated public container retrieval...
2006-01-20 ericksonnow inserts empty string for undefined items instead...
2006-01-20 ericksonadding permit script. permit circ now basically functions