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adding email and phone to ou
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2006-08-18 mikeradding email and phone to ou
2006-08-18 mikeradding phone and email to aou
2006-08-17 ericksonmoved worm calls to ingest
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerremoving some useless logging
2006-08-17 mikerprotecting against insert/update race condition
2006-08-17 mikeradding full ingest method
2006-08-17 ericksononly grabbing locations and statuses for the given...
2006-08-17 ericksonshoving payment time into the payment object
2006-08-17 mikerbigger bump for English and BKS
2006-08-17 ericksonnot forcing renewal_remaining to 0 to keep full track...
2006-08-17 ericksonhold permit now conscious of script-builder failure...
2006-08-17 ericksonadded patron expire check
2006-08-17 ericksonadded utility method for finding user id by barcode
2006-08-17 ericksonfixed perm checks
2006-08-17 ericksonmaking sure to return early when already in transit...
2006-08-17 mikeradd support for "no billings or payments, but had checkins"
2006-08-16 ericksonfleshing copy on circs and workstation on payment objects
2006-08-16 ericksonadded some settings constants
2006-08-16 ericksonfixed up default copy price handling on mark-lost
2006-08-16 mikeradding checkin-time check to in-collections activity...
2006-08-16 ericksonadded log and note
2006-08-16 ericksonnot requiring ident_type2 to set value2
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikerde-smartifying dbd::pg and adding user payment objects
2006-08-16 mikercashdrawer summary objects
2006-08-16 ericksonmaking cstore a xact so we call the read db on user...
2006-08-16 mikerprotecting against double slashes in some places ...
2006-08-16 mikerorder by circs, not cards
2006-08-16 mikeradding "usergroup" to grp_tree so we can protect people...
2006-08-16 mikeradd a flag to groups allowing them to be turned "off...
2006-08-15 ericksonadded logic to handle received transits (non hold trans...
2006-08-15 ericksonfleshing workstation on payment objects and returning...
2006-08-14 ericksonsimplified hold status logic to rely on existing data
2006-08-14 ericksonmoved currency to config, fleshed available method
2006-08-14 ericksonupdated logging, added script support for SIP media...
2006-08-14 ericksonmoved hold-reset to after xact commit to prevent xact...
2006-08-14 ericksonadded some logging, made copy status correct in hold...
2006-08-14 ericksonadded simple mark-damaged/mark-missing api - unused...
2006-08-14 ericksonadded some org/session methods
2006-08-14 ericksonupdated some logging, added script support to SIP for...
2006-08-14 mikerlc() isXn for searching
2006-08-14 mikerNow I know why "select" did not propogate before ....
2006-08-14 mikerpropogating "select" clause via flesh
2006-08-11 ericksoncopying hold template and sip config
2006-08-11 mikeradding pkeys to inherited tables
2006-08-11 ericksonadded a find-home-lib-by-session method
2006-08-11 mikerspeeding up the open_transaction_summary view
2006-08-11 ericksonchaning status to reshelving if on-holds-shelf for...
2006-08-11 ericksonadded server-error event so offline process can die...
2006-08-11 ericksonfixed invalid barcode handling bug
2006-08-11 ericksondisabling auto-hold-notify for now since it actually...
2006-08-11 ericksonadded org holds address, updated default layout some
2006-08-10 ericksonadded some hold notify events
2006-08-10 ericksonremoved some unused code
2006-08-10 ericksonmoved to new module, cleaned up, abastracted more
2006-08-10 ericksonfixed boolean val for storage
2006-08-10 ericksoncopy details method now returns latest circ, regardless...
2006-08-10 ericksonadded fine-creation to collections api
2006-08-10 ericksonadded a generic copy details method
2006-08-10 ericksonadded method to retrieve org by shortname
2006-08-10 ericksontaking fees and refunds into account for circ script
2006-08-09 mikerminor fixes
2006-08-09 ericksonmoved the item config out to its own file for clarity
2006-08-09 ericksonadded first-draft hold notification code - sans any...
2006-08-09 ericksonadded further sanity check to prevent db update errors
2006-08-09 ericksonadded some circ_mod handlers
2006-08-09 ericksondelete hold_copy_maps on hold cancel and hold fulfillme...
2006-08-09 ericksonfilled in some gaps WRT editor/edit_date on copies...
2006-08-09 ericksonadded last-copy checks to volume transfer and copy...
2006-08-09 ericksonreturning date/time in event for debugging
2006-08-09 mikeradding offline to db-builder script
2006-08-09 mikerremoving some constraints to make circs "forever-able"
2006-08-08 ericksonnot closing circs on all fines voided if it is still...
2006-08-08 ericksonlogic bug - see diff
2006-08-08 ericksonfixed bug caused by all volumes having no copies
2006-08-08 ericksonfixed perm logic error
2006-08-08 ericksonadded deleted check to dup username search
2006-08-08 ericksonadded a vol-transfer event
2006-08-08 mikermoving offline stuff into the DB
2006-08-08 ericksonadded servtime for debugging
2006-08-08 ericksonchecking perm only on different requestor
2006-08-08 ericksonupdated to use new db
2006-08-08 ericksonupdated to use new database
2006-08-08 ericksonadded id sequence
2006-08-08 mikeractually use the new tables ...
2006-08-08 mikermoving to configured DB for offline
2006-08-08 ericksonprotecting destinations that cannot have volumes
2006-08-08 ericksonfleshing hold transits on more hold retrieval methods
2006-08-08 ericksonadded billing type retrieval method
2006-08-08 ericksonadded deleted check to copy search, not responding...
2006-08-07 ericksonreturn event if the copy circ_lib != vol->owing_lib...
2006-08-07 ericksonadded checks for basic hold flags
2006-08-07 ericksonadded sanity check for pre-cat mods creation
2006-08-07 ericksonadded checks for null due_dates and unlimited circ...
2006-08-07 ericksonupdated the circ_modifer map