LP1858448 Aged money control flags
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src /
2020-04-28 Bill EricksonLP1858448 Aged money control flags
2020-04-28 Bill EricksonLP1858448 Additional aged_payment fields
2020-04-28 Jason StephensonLP 1772053: Cleanup Dan's code.
2020-04-28 Dan PearlLP 1772053: Add Missing Fields to Print Templates
2020-04-21 Bill EricksonLP1868354 Angular catalog item/call number transfer
2020-04-21 Steven CallenderLP#1819540 - Change expire list to match what the hold...
2020-04-19 Kyle Huckinslp1801137 Item Status Precat Information
2020-03-31 Jason BoyerLP1849683: Stamp upgrade script
2020-03-31 Jason BoyerLP1849683: i18n and space supplement
2020-03-31 Rogan HambyLP1849683: Permission for custom css setting
2020-03-25 Jason Etheridgelp1834251: I18Nize these alt tags
2020-03-20 Sam LinkBug 1834251: adding alt attributes to Open-ILS\src...
2020-03-05 Sam LinkLP1865951: Fixes to consistency in two files, creating...
2020-02-27 Mike Risherlp1789491 visited link color
2020-02-27 Bill EricksonLP1811132 Debit payment SQL upgrade fix
2020-02-26 Galen CharltonLP#1853363: add SIP2 option patron_status_always_permit...
2020-02-26 Chris SharpLP#1811132 - Stamping upgrade script
2020-02-26 Jeff DavisLP#1811132: add Debit Card payment type
2020-02-26 Chris SharpLP#1846484 - Add BETWEEN SYMMETRIC to reporter SQL...
2020-02-26 Mike Risherlp1845240 port of Surveys UI from DOJO to Angular
2020-02-25 Josh StomproLP#850160 - Event Def Environment Fleshing Might Have...
2020-02-25 Terran McCannaLP#1840332 Item Status Input Field Acessibility
2020-02-24 Cesar VelezLP#1570072: update hold notification methods upon prefe...
2020-02-24 Chris SharpLP#1849736: remove testing upgrade script
2020-02-24 Chris SharpLP#1849736: Stamping upgrade script
2020-02-23 Jane SandbergLP#1774285 (follow-up): Make page title consistent...
2020-02-23 Josh StomproLP#1774285 - Change Pull list page title from Holds...
2020-02-23 Bill EricksonLP1860460 Copy delete override repairs, perm failed...
2020-02-22 Mike Risherlp1668352 Add barcode to patron neg balance grid
2020-02-21 Jane SandbergLP1840287: Add a return to list button for floating...
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1840287 Floating group admin minor code tweaks
2020-02-21 Mike Risherlp1840287 Edit Floating Group Members
2020-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1845706: Missing/Damaged from Items Out
2020-02-21 Jeff DavisLP#1839684: avoid repeating qtype prefix in query
2020-02-21 blakeLP#1849736 Add action trigger for email/sms for patron...
2020-02-21 blakeLP#1849736 Add action trigger for email/sms for patron...
2020-02-21 Remington SteedLP#1761222: Replace bib "quality" with item "mint_condi...
2020-02-21 Remington SteedLP#1761222: Add four columns available in XUL client
2020-02-21 Remington SteedLP#1761222: Add Fine Level, Loan Duration to Holdings...
2020-02-21 Kyle Huckinslp1760193 - Action Rewording
2020-02-21 Kyle Huckinslp1760193 Add to Record Bucket from Item Status
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1850546 Record detail shelf browse
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1850546 Call number browse grid
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1859241 Angular holds patron search dialog
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1860044 Angular catalog search result highlights
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1841823 Marc flat editor repair slashes (Angular)
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1859706 Map Angular cat "Patron View" to AngJS "OPAC...
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1819236 Ang cat prevent keyword starts/exact searches
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1860275 Staff catalog add mono part repair
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1850938 Stamping DB upgrade (Ang Cat Prefs)
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1850938 Angular Catalog Preferences Page
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Improve MARC edit save/delete button placement
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Fix Firefox contenteditable tabbing
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Angular MARC record update API repairs
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Linker links to auth record editor
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Main entry link sets subfield 0
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 More title attributes for action buttons
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Vandelay MARC editor module repair
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Fast add item option
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editor Physical Characteristics Wizard
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Reset authority validation after linking
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC edit inline authority record creation.
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editor authority linking support
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 FF context menu repairs; Angular fixes
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Progress indicator while saving MARC records
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Tag menu static additions
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Prevents data fields swapping to control...
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editor subfield stacking support
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Context menu nagivation and FF repairs
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editable content aria-labels
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editor prevent navigation with changes
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 MARC editor and related lint repairs
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Avoid unnecessary catalog pagination search
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Record detail page shows summary first
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Catalog search form expand/collapse
2020-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1852782 Angular MARC enriched editor (first batch)
2020-02-21 Michele MorganLP1787415: Item Status checkout date and checkout works...
2020-02-21 Josh StomproLP1777181 - Make backdating more visible in check in.
2020-02-21 Dan BriemLP1849370 Mark items as damaged - changing fee usabilit...
2020-02-21 Terran McCannaLP#1839361 Login page tile is confusing to screen readers
2020-02-21 Jane SandbergLP1859728: Allow users to add notes when creating a...
2020-02-20 Kyle Huckinslp1654529 Callnumber Sorting by Sortkey in Transit...
2020-02-20 Chris SharpLP#1859191 - Use correct API method for updating existi...
2020-02-19 Terran McCannaLP#1839372 Splash page needs headers
2020-02-18 Bill EricksonLP1860468 Org unit admin interface sorting
2020-02-17 Terran McCannaLP#1839359 Select element on login not accessible
2020-02-08 Bill EricksonLP1862395 Repair nested i18n Angular attribute
2020-01-27 Jason StephensonForward port 3.3.5 to 3.3.6 db upgrade script
2020-01-24 Jason StephensonForward Port 3.4.1 to 3.4.2 upgrade script
2020-01-23 Galen CharltonLP#1801163: (follow-up) deal with header fields that...
2020-01-23 Galen CharltonLP#1801163: update Debian Buster and Fedora installatio...
2020-01-23 Jason StephensonLp 1801163: Switch to Email::MIME in SendEmail A/T...
2020-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1840982 Replace troublesome catalog icons
2020-01-21 Bill EricksonLP1849182 Angular catalog result/detail tab titles
2020-01-21 Jane SandbergLP1735566: Ask before deleting items in non-ideal statu...
2020-01-21 Galen CharltonLP#1860351: fix hasWorkPermHere() in Angular client
2020-01-19 Josh StomproLP1739609 - Add Monographic Part to check in grid.
2020-01-18 Jane SandbergLP#1835982 follow-up: Add cellTextGenerator to booking...
2020-01-18 Bill EricksonLPLP1835982 Holds grid user barcode text generator...
2020-01-18 Galen CharltonLP#1835982: tweak a few of the new GridCellTextGenerator