changed hold creation to make request_lib the ws_ou of the requestor - also added...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / support-scripts /
2006-09-05 mikermake the interlock stricter
2006-09-05 mikermake the interlock stricter
2006-09-04 mikeringnore expired for now ... until we can compress the...
2006-09-04 mikeradding interlocks to protect against multiple runs...
2006-08-25 mikerperl based, so they are safer than srfsh and his puny...
2006-08-07 ericksonfixed some path mangling issues and removed some unused...
2006-07-06 ericksonchanged login type to opac
2006-07-06 ericksonadded some more comments
2006-07-05 ericksonadded hack method to force cstoreeditor to regenerate...
2006-07-05 ericksonre-organizing, testing, adding functions, adding group...
2006-07-03 ericksonupdated to use new scriptrunner layout
2006-07-03 ericksonadded fieldmapper IDL import
2006-06-30 ericksonadded some more method call output, testing, etc.
2006-06-30 ericksonadded money activity method
2006-06-28 ericksonadded random fetching option
2006-06-28 ericksoncleaning up, testing
2006-06-28 ericksonadding test script - needs work
2006-06-28 ericksonupdated to use new scriptbuilder
2006-06-15 ericksonmoved some stuff around
2006-06-14 ericksonsimple circ load tester
2006-06-09 ericksonfirst round of a circ script tester, fixed some typos
2006-05-10 ericksonsimple script to auto-create mods data.
2006-04-26 ericksonmore debugging
2006-04-25 ericksonadded a check for alert messages
2006-04-24 mikerscript that spits blocked/barred/lost/expired barcodes...
2006-04-17 ericksonadded billing void method
2006-04-12 ericksonupdated api to take note public-ness into account
2006-04-12 ericksonadded note deletion
2006-04-12 ericksonnote tester code
2006-04-07 ericksonupdated to work with latest circ code
2006-04-02 ericksonadded more status info, fully executing and archiving
2006-04-01 ericksongetting closer..
2006-04-01 ericksonupdating to work with new offline api
2006-03-30 ericksonadded comments
2006-03-30 ericksonadded support for session queries
2006-03-29 ericksonusing CORE::time
2006-03-29 ericksonsimple perl script to perform batch circs (and eventual...
2006-03-09 ericksonadded a container update method
2006-03-09 erickson updated to work with new auth params
2006-03-06 ericksonadded retrieval methods for title, call_number, and...
2006-02-17 mikerupdating reshelving time to match PINES policy
2006-02-17 mikeradding srfsh script to complete reshelving
2006-02-13 ericksonmore checkout code
2006-02-09 ericksonadded in a copy_transit_create method
2006-02-08 ericksonmaking new 'renew' method the official one
2006-02-06 ericksonmore work on plugging in the renewal code
2006-02-06 ericksonmore circ work on pre-cataloged items.
2006-02-03 ericksonadding copy_location related code ... module plus test...
2006-02-01 ericksonmore non-cat tweaks
2006-02-01 ericksonAdded permit key to circ permit calls and updated test...
2006-01-30 ericksonchanged output some
2006-01-30 ericksonMore circ work
2006-01-30 ericksonmade checkout methods take hash refs instead of named...
2006-01-27 ericksonnon-cataloged circs are now working
2006-01-27 ericksonnow have non-cataloged items checkouts working with...
2006-01-27 ericksonadding an in-house use creation tester
2006-01-27 ericksonfixed some bugs in circulate to get the noncat stuff...
2006-01-24 ericksonmade app name functions as well so the import of so...
2006-01-05 ericksonadded a 'no warnings' for cleaner output
2006-01-05 ericksonsimple example script for talking to opensrf
2005-12-29 ericksonimproper added content info is now ignored / not displayed
2005-12-19 ericksoncontainer / container item create / retrieve / delete...
2005-12-19 ericksonadded some events, utility code, container handling...
2005-12-16 ericksonoils_header is just a generic perl header script to...
2005-12-15 mikersrfsh scripts used to generate fines and target copies...
2005-07-21 mikermoving the hold copy targeter into the storage server...
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-15 mikerI ... HATE ... JAVASCRIPT KEYWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-07-15 mikermaking billing line items voidable
2005-07-15 miker"day" sized fine intervals are handled correctly now
2005-07-15 mikerupdating money handling; adding readonly fieldmapper...
2005-07-14 mikerbasic fine generator is now operational!
2005-07-13 mikeradding generate-fines and supporting functions
2005-07-13 mikerusing ISO time format
2005-07-08 mikercapturing copies! yay!
2005-07-07 mikercalculating proximity for holds stuff
2005-07-07 mikerbeginings of a copy capturing script for hold fulfillment