adjusting backdate so it does not clear fines for "today" (the backdate day); fine...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql /
2006-09-05 mikerupdating view to be more direct/less obtuse
2006-09-01 mikeradding some indexes for transits
2006-08-31 mikerupdates ... see diff
2006-08-29 mikeradding some useful indexes
2006-08-28 mikerrelax unique barcode constraint for deleted items
2006-08-25 mikeradding support for non-cat inhouse use
2006-08-25 mikerimport fixups
2006-08-24 mikerimport tweaks
2006-08-24 mikerminor fixups
2006-08-21 mikeradding default PINES rules to install sql
2006-08-21 mikeradding vr_format to rec_descriptor
2006-08-18 mikeradding email and phone to ou
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikerde-smartifying dbd::pg and adding user payment objects
2006-08-16 mikeradd a flag to groups allowing them to be turned "off...
2006-08-11 mikeradding pkeys to inherited tables
2006-08-11 mikerspeeding up the open_transaction_summary view
2006-08-09 mikerminor fixes
2006-08-09 mikeradding offline to db-builder script
2006-08-09 mikerremoving some constraints to make circs "forever-able"
2006-08-08 mikermoving offline stuff into the DB
2006-08-04 mikerou proximity stuff
2006-08-04 mikeradding cancel_time support to hold_request
2006-08-04 mikersome utility views and indexes
2006-08-04 mikeradding Damaged status
2006-08-02 mikergeneral schema updates
2006-08-02 mikeradding support for group application permissions
2006-07-14 mikerusing timestamptz instead of date
2006-07-08 mikerbug fixes for the schema
2006-07-02 mikerdb agnostic field weighting, take 1
2006-06-28 mikeradding collections related stuff everywhere...
2006-06-28 mikerremoving "char" from schema
2006-06-26 mikerremoving "char" from the schema...
2006-06-23 mikerage protection stuff
2006-06-23 mikeradding in_house flag to config.non_cataloged_type
2006-06-19 mikernew CN browse interface
2006-06-16 mikeradding transcendant column and Project Gutenberg source
2006-06-15 mikerallowing all-voided bills to show there last billing...
2006-05-10 mikerfixing "deleted" constraint on call numbers
2006-05-03 mikeradding selection_ou
2006-04-26 mikeradding hours_of_operation and closed_date -- all must...
2006-04-21 mikerclosed-dates stuff
2006-04-20 mikeradding db port to build/install
2006-04-20 mikeradding auditing for user addresses, org units and call...
2006-04-20 mikeradding table to permission creation statements
2006-04-20 mikeradding hours of operation
2006-04-20 mikeradding quality field to biblio records -- for use in...
2006-04-06 mikeradding expiry interval to gropus
2006-03-31 mikeradding usr_notes
2006-03-31 mikernew FM stuff; trimmed search_fts methods
2006-03-30 mikeradding audience map; adding multiple filters (type...
2006-03-17 mikeradding "deleted" functionality to CNs
2006-03-17 mikeradding delete protection to copy and bib records
2006-03-17 mikermaking copies psuedo-deletable
2006-03-13 mikerupdating money.bnm_desk_payment.cash_drawer (fkey to...
2006-03-06 mikeradding pub field to notes tables
2006-02-25 mikeradded type_mat col to rec_descriptor
2006-02-22 mikerremoving the item-once-per-bucket constraint
2006-02-17 mikeradding "within_city_limits" bool column
2006-02-17 mikeradding useful indexes
2006-02-16 mikerusing "barred" instead of "standing", though standing...
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form_map
2006-02-13 mikerfixing perm lookup bug
2006-02-03 mikerfixing replacable param stuff...
2006-02-01 mikeradding circ_duration to non-cat types
2006-02-01 mikeradding workstation underpinnings
2006-02-01 mikersimplified/corrected usr_has_perm for grantable; added...
2006-02-01 mikerpublic becomes pub
2006-01-27 mikerbucket cleanup
2006-01-25 mikerdepth away full-path SP
2006-01-23 mikerupdates for the perm editor -- FM dance required
2006-01-20 mikercirc corner case support; container "public" flag
2005-12-31 mikersped up page_down by about 20%
2005-12-27 mikeradded cirulation view
2005-12-07 mikeradding bucket types to each bucket class; adding vfield...
2005-12-01 mikertime series reporting and links for said on the wide...
2005-11-30 mikernew "container" stuff ... where the buckets live
2005-11-22 mikerreporter (nearing) mini-release state
2005-11-19 mikerreporter fixups ... bar and pie charts are working
2005-11-18 mikeradding "voider" and "void_time" fields to billing
2005-11-17 miker"grocery" catchall billing
2005-11-17 mikeradding "open only" views
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-11-16 mikerfirst() and last() aggregates
2005-11-16 mikerfixing money stuff -- note vs type
2005-11-07 mikeradding authority schema to sql files loaded during...
2005-11-01 mikeradding function to public schema instead of non-existan...
2005-09-12 mikermisc cleanup
2005-09-12 mikerstats cleanup
2005-09-06 mikertypos
2005-09-06 mikertracking more data
2005-09-02 mikerstats work; adding columns for stat tracking
2005-08-30 mikeradding initial authority schema
2005-08-25 mikerminor field reordering for better on-disk layout
2005-08-25 mikeradding "lifecyle" view to each audited table
2005-08-25 mikerrefactored layout, added hashing triggers, early views
2005-08-25 mikerstats DB stored procs
2005-08-23 mikerjust the start ...
2005-07-27 mikeradding copy_status to transit records