adding view for open circs
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Postgres / 090.schema.action.sql
2005-07-19 mikeradding view for open circs
2005-07-12 mikeradding "renewal" column and "stop_fines" type
2005-07-12 mikerupdating transit schema
2005-07-05 mikeradded "due_date"
2005-06-29 miker"copy" conficts with CDBI, renaming to target_copy
2005-06-29 mikeradding hold notification targets and hold_copy_map
2005-06-23 mikerhold stuff
2005-06-23 mikeradded holds tables
2005-05-09 mikerfield name adjustments
2005-05-04 mikerfixing field assumptions
2005-04-25 mikeradded poll column to survey
2005-04-22 mikerupdating surveys
2005-04-22 mikersurvey support
2005-04-14 mikerfleshed out "actor.usr" interface, and stream behavior...
2005-04-11 mikerschema now loads nicely
2005-04-11 mikerupdating with fkeys, auditor tables, etc.
2005-04-08 mikeradded circulation and billing info to the schema def
2005-04-05 mikerschema changes, bringing db up to reality