lp1942647 Provide Warning when deleting Term linked to Courses
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg /
2022-05-21 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.8.1 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.7.3 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1857910: (follow-up) stamp DB update
2022-05-20 Jason EtheridgeLP1857910 ws setting type for field doc grid
2022-04-28 Mike RylanderForward port 3.9 upgrade script
2022-04-28 Mike RylanderCorrect jacket uploader upgrade script
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergStamp upgrade script for MADS update
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergLP1800871: small correction to upgrade script
2022-04-07 Josh StomproLP#1800871 - MARC21slim2MADS 2.15 update
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script for localized notifications
2022-03-28 Rogan HambyThis feature supplies the ability to create alternate...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script for OAI-PMH
2022-03-28 Mike RylanderLP#1729620: Rebase and remove array_accum uses
2022-03-28 Mike RylanderLP#1729620: Polish up sets and visibility tests
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP1729620: Enable org unit OAI sets
2022-03-28 Galen CharltonLP#1729620: (follow-up) do not suggest timestamp manipu...
2022-03-28 Jane SandbergLP#1729620 Follow-up bugfixes
2022-03-28 Remington SteedLP#1729620 Cleanup, fix bugs
2022-03-28 Lucien van WouwLP#1729620 New optional feature: an OAI2 provider service.
2022-03-25 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for JQuery YAOUS
2022-03-25 Rogan Hambyadding query to opac by library setting
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for inventory changes
2022-03-24 Jason StephensonLP1883171 & LP1940663: Database & IDL updates for copy...
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for Simple Reporter (permission...
2022-03-24 Jason BoyerAdd Simple Reporter Schema Changes
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
2022-03-24 Bill EricksonLP1951162 Migrate copy templates setting
2022-03-24 Michele Morganlp1787968 Stamping upgrade script
2022-03-24 Jason Etheridgelp1787968 jacket_upload: schema
2022-03-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
2022-03-24 Galen CharltonLP#1938835: customizable staff portal - schema, IDL...
2022-03-23 Mike RylanderStamping PG10+ upgrade script
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Fix another invalid XPath expression error
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Fix XPath invalid XPath expression Error
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Fix the unaccent and squash tests
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Fix metarecord master record choice predicta...
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Fix Functions for XML/XPath changes
2022-03-23 Jason StephensonLP1937294: Add FTS Config for PostgreSQL 11 - 14
2022-03-16 Bill EricksonLP1956003 Stamping DB upgrade / hold group grids
2022-03-16 Lynn FloydLP1956003 Hold Group Workstation Settings to Server...
2022-03-16 Bill EricksonLP1960956 Stamping DB upgrade / usr message index ...
2022-03-16 Bill EricksonLP1960956 Stamping DB upgrade / usr message index
2022-03-16 Chris SharpLP#1960956: Fix slow user merges/deletes
2022-03-01 Jason BoyerUpdate Test for LP1722827 After LP1482757
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: stamp upgrade script
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: stamp upgrade script
2022-02-25 Jason StephensonLP#1482757: Speed Up the Delete of Orphaned URIs in...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Delete URIs and call numbers when all 856...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Amend upgrade script to remove existing...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Remove 'orphaned_uri_list' and 'NOT cn...
2022-02-25 Mike RylanderLP#1482757: Be sure to remove all orphaned URI
2022-02-25 Mike RylanderLP#1482757: More careful Located URI remapping
2022-02-11 Jane SandbergLP1947595: stamp upgrade script
2022-02-11 Jason StephensonLp 1947595: Remove the array_accum aggregate function
2021-12-14 Jane SandbergLP 1942645: stamp upgrade script
2021-12-14 malexanderlp-1942645 term name uniqueness
2021-11-18 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.6.3 Upgrade Script
2021-11-17 Jane Sandberglp1855780 stamp upgrade script
2021-11-17 Galen CharltonLP#1855780: add grid config settings
2021-11-05 Galen CharltonLP#1831803: stamp schema update
2021-11-05 Galen CharltonLP#1831803: drop the disused search-related types durin...
2021-11-05 Jason BoyerLP1831803: Remove unused data types
2021-11-05 Jeff DavisLP#1831803: remove asset.refresh_opac_visible_copies_ma...
2021-11-05 Jeff DavisLP#1831803: remove obsolete asset.opac_visible_copies...
2021-11-05 Galen Charltonupdate upgrade script for 3.7.1-3.8.0
2021-11-05 Jason StephensonLP1948594: Fix pgtap live test
2021-11-05 Galen CharltonLP#1947173: stamp schema update
2021-11-05 Mike RylanderLP#1947173: Clean up bad cataloging pot hole
2021-11-05 Mike RylanderLP#1947173: Speed up the symspell part of ingest
2021-10-29 Jason StephensonForward-port the 3.6.5 db upgrade script
2021-10-29 Jason StephensonForward-port 3.7.2 version upgrade script
2021-10-12 Galen Charltoni18n: fix contruct in seed data that broken string...
2021-10-06 Galen Charltonschema update script from 3.7.1 to 3.8-beta
2021-10-06 Galen CharltonLP#1846354: add another missed function update
2021-10-06 Galen CharltonLP#1846354: add missing function updates to schema...
2021-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1826759: end DB update scripts with "COMMIT", not...
2021-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1922567: stamp schema update
2021-10-04 Jason StephensonLp 1922567: Limit authority.full_rec.value indexes
2021-09-27 Jason StephensonLp 1826759: Stamping Upgrade Script
2021-09-27 Jason StephensonLp 1826759: Fix Database Upgrade Script
2021-09-27 Shula LinkLp 1826759: Spelling correction: oustanding to outstanding
2021-09-27 Galen CharltonLP#1928258: update pgTAP regression test
2021-09-24 Galen CharltonLP#1864516: (follow-up) install current version of...
2021-09-24 Galen CharltonLP#1919465: fix issue with DB rev stamping
2021-09-24 Chris SharpLP1919465: stamp upgrade script
2021-09-24 Bill EricksonLP1919465 Holds pull list Angular / Wide Holds API...
2021-09-24 Chris SharpLP#1901597: Stamp upgrade scripts
2021-09-24 Mike RylanderLP#1901597: Allow multi-subfield match in vandelay...
2021-09-24 Jason BoyerLP1928258: Correct Upgrade Script
2021-09-23 Chris SharpLP#1672346 - Copy Statistics View
2021-09-23 Chris SharpLP#1864516: stamp DB upgrade script
2021-09-23 Mike RylanderLP#1864516: case-insensitive browse entry display value...
2021-09-23 Galen CharltonLP#1759382: stamp schema update
2021-09-23 Dan BriemLP#1759382 Setting: staff placed holds default to works...
2021-09-23 Galen CharltonLP#1921057: stamp schema update
2021-09-23 Chris SharpLP#1921057 - Expand reporter.demographic to include...
2021-09-23 Galen CharltonLP1928258: stamp schema update
2021-09-23 Bill EricksonLP1928258 Vandelay separate bib edit update option
2021-09-22 Jason BoyerLP1920253: Stamp Upgrade Script
2021-09-22 MicheleLP1920253 Add missing carousel workstation setting...