removing overly agressive locale normalization
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2008-07-27 mikerremoving overly agressive locale normalization
2008-07-20 mikeradding in-database supported locale, um, support
2008-07-10 mikeradding DELETE_RECORD to the default permission set
2008-06-19 mikeradd opac_visible flag to config.copy_status; make Reser...
2008-04-25 ericksonforward-porting merge_bib_records perm and adding it...
2008-04-20 dbsUse to avoid referential integ...
2008-04-14 mikermoving seed data out of the schema files
2008-04-14 mikeradd new permacrud permissions to the base set
2008-04-07 mikerset some sequences after insertion
2008-04-04 mikeradding bib_level mapping table
2008-03-12 mikeradding real stylesheet data for mods 2, 3.0 and 3.2...
2008-03-06 dbsMake the seed values work with PostgreSQL 8.1 and up...
2008-02-01 mikeradding the usr->barcode link
2008-01-23 dbsReorder admin user insert statements to satisfy foreign...
2007-12-16 mikernail down the IDs of statuses
2007-12-04 dbsReorder to satisfy FK constraints.
2007-12-04 dbsClean up a few errors in escaped strings.
2007-12-04 dbsEnable translation of seed values stored in database.