fixing BETWEEN pub date filtering
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg / 300.schema.staged_search.sql
2008-09-26 mikerfixing BETWEEN pub date filtering
2008-08-10 mikermore staged search configurability and acuracy
2008-07-29 mikerpreferred language and date filter fixes
2008-07-29 mikerAdding date filtering support and automatic/configurabl...
2008-07-18 mikerprotect against "no bump for type"
2008-06-19 mikeradd opac_visible flag to config.copy_status; make Reser...
2008-06-18 mikeradd copy locations as a search filter
2008-06-13 mikeradding copyright statement headers to the schema defini...
2008-05-09 dbsMake all foreign keys deferrable, so we can DELETE...
2008-04-14 mikermoving seed data out of the schema files
2008-04-04 mikeradding bib_level filter support
2008-04-04 mikeradding backend support for system-supplied "search...
2008-03-27 mikercomment out the debuging NOTICE
2008-03-27 mikeruse POSIX regexp operator instead of ILIKE
2008-03-27 mikerescape regexp-special characters
2008-03-20 mikeradding extra staff checks for record visibility
2008-03-18 mikeractually test for transcendance, not just for a source
2008-03-14 mikeronly using active adjustments
2008-03-09 mikeronly search where search_field is true
2008-03-07 mikeradd preferred language support
2008-03-07 mikerimprove metarecord constituent record test
2008-03-07 mikerwent too far with the aliasing
2008-03-07 mikercut-n-past gotcha
2008-03-07 mikeradding alias qualifier to support more than one search...
2008-03-06 mikerv1 of staged search stored procedure(s)