updating view to be more direct/less obtuse
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg / 080.schema.money.sql
2006-09-05 mikerupdating view to be more direct/less obtuse
2006-08-16 mikerde-smartifying dbd::pg and adding user payment objects
2006-08-11 mikeradding pkeys to inherited tables
2006-08-11 mikerspeeding up the open_transaction_summary view
2006-08-09 mikerminor fixes
2006-08-04 mikersome utility views and indexes
2006-07-08 mikerbug fixes for the schema
2006-06-28 mikeradding collections related stuff everywhere...
2006-06-15 mikerallowing all-voided bills to show there last billing...
2006-02-01 mikeradding workstation underpinnings
2005-11-18 mikeradding "voider" and "void_time" fields to billing
2005-11-17 miker"grocery" catchall billing
2005-11-17 mikeradding "open only" views
2005-11-16 mikerfixing money stuff -- note vs type
2005-07-26 mikerschema tweaks
2005-07-25 mikerarg! cut-n-paste error
2005-07-24 mikermoving sql files to dir matching the Open-ILS driver...