adding real stylesheet data for mods 2, 3.0 and 3.2; allowing namespace URIs to be...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg / 002.schema.config.sql
2008-03-12 mikeradding real stylesheet data for mods 2, 3.0 and 3.2...
2007-12-04 dbsEnable translation of seed values stored in database.
2007-12-04 mikerforward porting xpath typo fix from Dan Scott
2007-11-06 mikerfirst round of i18n magic in cstore
2007-07-23 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to quiet the whining of PG 8.1...
2007-07-04 mikerremoving vestigial traces of the old "worm" stuff
2007-04-25 mikeradding some default circ related rules
2007-03-08 mikermoving xml2 requirement out of the way
2007-03-07 mikerrenameing clashing "search" field to "search_field"
2007-03-07 mikergeneral cleanup; search/facet; library hiding
2007-03-05 mikeradding xml_transform support. this will require a...
2006-08-21 mikeradding default PINES rules to install sql
2006-08-04 mikeradding Damaged status
2006-08-02 mikergeneral schema updates
2006-07-08 mikerbug fixes for the schema
2006-07-02 mikerdb agnostic field weighting, take 1
2006-06-26 mikerremoving "char" from the schema...
2006-06-23 mikeradding in_house flag to config.non_cataloged_type
2006-06-16 mikeradding transcendant column and Project Gutenberg source
2006-03-30 mikeradding audience map; adding multiple filters (type...
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form_map
2006-02-01 mikeradding circ_duration to non-cat types
2006-01-20 mikercirc corner case support; container "public" flag
2005-11-22 mikerreporter (nearing) mini-release state
2005-11-19 mikerreporter fixups ... bar and pie charts are working
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-07-26 mikercorrecting default proximity protection
2005-07-25 mikerarg! cut-n-paste error
2005-07-24 mikermoving sql files to dir matching the Open-ILS driver...