bug hunting and a (small) new set of widget code
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / reporter / report_base.example.xml
2005-12-14 mikerbug hunting and a (small) new set of widget code
2005-11-22 mikerreporter (nearing) mini-release state
2005-11-20 mikermulti-set reporting based on pivot of 1 grouping column
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-09-26 mikeradding widget support and moving tables to an external...
2005-09-23 ericksontruckin along
2005-09-23 mikermoved to DateTime (from Date::Manip), and using ISO8601...
2005-09-22 ericksonadding fields
2005-09-21 mikerslight restructuring
2005-09-21 mikermaking PKEY optional, not creating indexes on base...
2005-09-20 mikerinitial "report class" xml and schema generator script