protecting against (future) non-class root node children
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2008-01-06 ericksonmore IDL api work. moving to more pythonic lower/under...
2008-01-04 erickson* added link parsing
2007-12-21 ericksonadded some documentation. sorry, dbs, if the format...
2007-12-21 dbsAdd some documentation to this marvelous class
2007-12-21 ericksonfixed atomic method re-naming
2007-12-19 ericksonupdating to use new osrf api
2007-12-19 ericksonchanged str calls to unicode, changed a var from str...
2007-12-16 dbsBring Evergreen Python code in sync with OpenSRF python.
2007-11-28 dbsTypo: it's -> its
2007-11-26 ericksonadded a batch retrieve method
2007-11-08 ericksondid some re-tabbing
2007-09-16 ericksonrolling back unnecessary use of custom replace method
2007-01-05 ericksonadding oils libs