add item and feed ids where appropriate
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2008-06-25 mikeradd item and feed ids where appropriate
2008-06-04 mikerfix the marcxml feed to use default namespace on the...
2008-03-20 mikerfixing the freshmeat feed link; moving to rss v2 from...
2008-03-15 mikerfixing the slimpac
2008-02-19 ericksonusing explicit namespace in addition to default namespa...
2008-01-29 mikeruse default namespaces ... easier to work with anyway...
2008-01-29 mikermake double extra sure that the namespace attribute...
2006-11-08 mikermaking the dumpac mo betta
2006-11-08 mikerprotect against no holdings (huh?)
2006-07-04 mikerminor fixups to make unapi fully compliant
2006-07-03 mikerupdating unapi and feeds
2006-06-26 mikerimproving unapi support; fixing oia and rdf support
2006-06-23 mikerfeed improvements
2006-06-23 mikerimproving the freshmeat feed
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-11 mikeradding a holdings-specific stylesheet
2006-06-06 mikeradding holdings data to marcxml/htmlcard output
2006-03-29 mikeradding html "card catalog" output type; adding html...
2006-03-23 mikerIE hack to fix rendering
2006-03-23 mikerenhancing search from the html feed output
2006-03-22 mikerbasic searching within the opensearch results
2006-03-22 mikeradding subject searches to feed output
2006-03-10 mikermarking made up media types as such
2006-03-10 mikeradding proper mods v3 support
2006-03-09 mikertrying to make IE happy
2006-03-09 mikerupdating opensearch output to contain proper unAPI...
2006-03-09 mikerfixing title rendering
2006-03-09 mikerfixing html output (server side now)
2006-03-09 mikerinitial support for html output of opensearch feeds
2006-03-08 mikeroops... forgot to check in marcxml feed support
2006-03-06 mikerrefactoring to generic "feeds"; adding opensearch target