allow circ.reshelving_complete.interval ou setting to override the default reshelving...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS /
2007-10-31 dbsUse getAttributeNS with the XML namespace to retrieve
2007-10-16 dbsAvoid "unused variable" Perl warning
2006-10-09 erickson added additional layer of caller info for debugging
2006-08-09 ericksonreturning date/time in event for debugging
2006-08-08 ericksonadded servtime for debugging
2006-05-03 ericksonadded event description loading. lang currently defaul...
2006-03-24 ericksonprevent some useless warnings
2006-02-27 ericksonadded PID for phasefx
2006-02-06 ericksondebug info now shows caller 0 and 1 (instead of 1 and 2)
2006-02-06 ericksonmore circ work on pre-cataloged items.
2006-02-03 ericksoncleaned some
2005-12-07 ericksonadded a NO_SESSION event for when a login session does...
2005-12-05 ericksonadding new event code