allow circ.reshelving_complete.interval ou setting to override the default reshelving...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / Publisher /
2008-01-24 mikeradded param sets for voided billing clauses
2007-10-30 mikeradding work_payment type and the /strong/ urging of...
2007-08-15 mikercollections API for "users owning me money"
2007-07-02 mikerAdding bill voiding time to the activity tracking query.
2007-05-03 mikerusing a more direct pivot query for payment summaries...
2007-01-12 mikernew-for-collections method redux
2007-01-10 mikerforward porting the active-in-collections update
2006-10-12 miker"correct" open_user_summary method
2006-10-12 miker"correct" open_user_summary method
2006-10-12 miker"correct" open_user_summary method
2006-09-25 pineswith _make_mbts, don't cast as integer until setting...
2006-09-12 mikerWHY ARE THEY DIFFERENT?!?! ... it works now
2006-09-12 mikerfinishing up mbts thingy
2006-09-11 mikeradding mbts builder to storage
2006-09-07 mikercorrection for the "user" payments in the cashdrawer...
2006-08-17 mikeradd support for "no billings or payments, but had checkins"
2006-08-16 mikeradding checkin-time check to in-collections activity...
2006-08-16 mikerde-smartifying dbd::pg and adding user payment objects
2006-08-16 mikercashdrawer summary objects
2006-07-07 mikerfixing collections calls
2006-07-07 mikerfixing collections calls
2006-07-06 mikerfixing collection-finder method
2006-07-06 mikerremoving location from collections stuff
2006-06-30 mikerlet the ML flesh the user
2006-06-28 mikeradding collections related stuff everywhere...
2005-07-21 mikermoving the hold copy targeter into the storage server...
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-14 mikerspecialized money-oriented methods