hit "d" /twice/ ... (thinko, need to remove old WHERE clause)
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / Publisher / actor.pm
2008-06-27 mikerhit "d" /twice/ ... (thinko, need to remove old WHERE...
2008-06-26 mikerproper support for counting short-duration overdue...
2007-10-03 mikerfixing patron search SQL error introduced by the dedup...
2007-08-15 mikeruse iterator interface instead of magical array-ref...
2007-08-15 mikersettings server controlled opt-in functionallity for...
2007-03-29 mikerreverting the previous patch with regard to CLAIMSRETUR...
2007-03-29 mikerchecking for billing completeness as well as checkin...
2007-03-26 mikerdirectional check for overlap recursion check
2007-03-07 mikergeneral cleanup; search/facet; library hiding
2007-02-05 mikerforward porting minor bug fix for patron dedup
2007-02-05 mikerFIXING case insensitive sorting of users (DESC, duh)
2007-02-05 mikercase insensitive sorting of users
2007-02-04 mikercheck for HOO in the HOO check :)
2007-02-04 mikerrecheck for closures after HOO calc
2007-02-02 mikerpossible fix for overlap date detection
2007-01-31 mikeroops, trim the array to ids
2007-01-31 mikerdeduplicating paton search results
2006-10-26 mikerattempt to speed up date overlap calc
2006-09-14 pinesinclude closed days (hours of operation) in due date...
2006-09-14 pinesupdating total_owed
2006-09-14 pinesadding storage version of checked_out[.count]
2006-09-14 pinesadding storage version of checked_out[.count]
2006-09-14 pinesmore direct methods for counting stuff
2006-09-04 mikeravoiding warning
2006-09-04 mikerfixing the patron clone search
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-16 mikeradding address searching for cloned users
2006-08-04 mikerou proximity stuff
2006-08-04 mikerremoving vestigial actor::profile stuff
2006-07-31 mikerbug fix
2006-07-31 mikerbug fix
2006-07-31 mikerbug fix
2006-07-26 mikerignoring inactive (by default) and deleted users
2006-06-19 mikerupdating closed time overlap to handle times
2006-05-25 mikeradding usergroup id fetcher deally
2006-05-03 mikeradded closed-date overlap check
2006-04-23 mikerlost/expired/barred/blocked lists are now streaming...
2006-04-22 mikeradding methods used to build the barred/blocked/expired...
2006-04-20 mikeradding crazy_search sort and limit
2006-04-20 mikerfix group 2 ident searches
2006-02-03 mikerminor bugfix
2006-02-03 mikeruser stat cats in the user editor
2006-01-26 mikerfull-path bugfix
2006-01-25 mikerranged non-cat types; depth aware full-path (my_orgs)
2006-01-23 mikerupdates for the perm editor -- FM dance required
2005-05-12 mikerlimiting patron search to 1000 hits
2005-05-12 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-05-12 mikerper jason: snap!
2005-05-04 mikerranged stat_cat search methods... YAY, I got to write...
2005-05-04 mikeradding user and asset stat_cat stuff
2005-04-28 mikercirc updates
2005-04-22 mikersurvey support
2005-04-21 mikerprotecting myself against JSON numbers
2005-04-21 mikerretrieve_all methods and bug fixen
2005-04-20 mikerbig changes... big
2005-04-19 mikeradding "available" to copy counts; adding mailing/billi...
2005-04-14 mikerfleshed out "actor.usr" interface, and stream behavior...
2005-04-06 mikeradded method to get org_unit descendants
2005-04-05 mikertons of storage server changes... see diffs
2005-03-17 mikersnap (jason..)
2005-03-16 mikeradding org_unit stuff
2005-03-16 mikerstorage server stuff
2005-03-09 mikeroops... removed 1 too many lines
2005-03-09 mikermoving the rest of the (existing) API to the new fast_f...
2005-03-08 mikeradding propper fieldmapper support for actor and biblio...
2005-03-04 mikerusing Fieldmapper.pm
2005-03-02 mikeradding actor interface for getting a "actor.usr" record