fixing logic hole
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / Publisher /
2006-01-06 mikerfixing logic hole
2006-01-03 mikerrefactoring to use storage server transactions instead...
2005-11-17 mikerupdated fine processor to use billing_type in addition...
2005-07-29 mikermaking the hold targeter (much! about 2x) faster
2005-07-26 mikermaking hold capture processor faster
2005-07-25 mikersend status messages to keep the client alive
2005-07-25 mikerusing a single session for "permit_hold", though this...
2005-07-22 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-07-22 mikerfixing money views; adding unfulfilled holds tracker...
2005-07-21 mikermoving the hold copy targeter into the storage server...
2005-07-20 mikerjust get the first "nearest" hold
2005-07-20 mikeradding "nearest_hold" select
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-13 mikeradding generate-fines and supporting functions
2005-05-04 mikeradded action.survey_response.response_group_id
2005-04-28 mikercirc updates
2005-04-22 mikerupdating surveys
2005-04-22 mikersurvey support
2005-04-05 mikertons of storage server changes... see diffs