making old_best tests more explicit
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / Publisher /
2008-03-13 mikermaking old_best tests more explicit
2008-01-28 mikerspacing
2008-01-28 mikerignore deleted records within a metarecord
2007-11-01 mikerforward porting hold re-targeting fix
2007-10-25 mikercorrecting think-o in the nearest-hold logic
2007-10-17 mikeradding "available only" status filtered pull list methods
2007-09-12 mikerfrozen hold auto-thaw support ... should have been...
2007-08-28 mikerfixing query to look at all libs under depth for neares...
2007-08-28 mikerchanging from prox to depth for nearest hold stalling
2007-08-28 mikercrazy thinko ... dead code removed
2007-08-21 mikeradd proximity limiting to hold soft stalling
2007-08-21 mikerAGE was giving strange results, switched to simple...
2007-08-21 mikeradd optional hold age requirement to nearest_hold method
2007-08-16 mikerfixing weird edge case of pushing out the due date...
2007-06-18 mikeradding backend and object support for hold freezing
2007-04-30 mikersending pickup_lib into the permit script
2007-02-15 mikermore checking to see that we have copies before attempt...
2007-02-14 mikerallowing the use of LIMIT in nearest_hold
2007-02-14 mikercheck to see that we have copies before attempting...
2007-02-13 mikerremove "current copy" when no copies exist at all
2007-02-04 mikeradding Force hold support; use specific targeting time...
2007-01-31 mikerretarget previous copy if still available
2007-01-21 mikermoving another hold fetch inside a xact block
2007-01-10 mikerlook at the master DB for brand new hold objects
2006-12-07 mikerignoring deleted copies and callnumbers in the targeter...
2006-11-03 mikerprotecting against failed refetching of a canceled...
2006-10-30 mikerreshelving for items just out of in-process
2006-10-26 mikeradding capture time recheck to targeter
2006-09-24 mikerdisabling grace extention ... needs more testing
2006-09-24 mikeradding debuging to fine generator
2006-09-21 mikermoving prev_check_time inside the transaction. not...
2006-09-18 mikertypo
2006-09-15 mikermoving grace day recalc out of the main fine loop ...
2006-09-15 mikeradding grace after a closed day
2006-09-13 mikerfix off=by-one in closed days
2006-09-10 mikerbeing more strict about when to target a specific copy
2006-09-09 mikerrevert to non-aggregate billing, as backdating wipes...
2006-09-07 mikeradjusting backdate so it does not clear fines for ...
2006-09-07 mikerupdating the reshelving complete query
2006-09-06 mikerhold targeter updates
2006-09-05 mikerset prev_check_time to midnight of today when there...
2006-09-05 mikerbail if we get disconnected
2006-09-04 mikersetting stop_fines_time ... duh
2006-09-04 mikeruse cents internally
2006-09-03 ericksonfixed comma typo
2006-09-03 mikeraggregate billings from a single session
2006-09-03 mikerdrop out if things are not going well
2006-09-03 mikertypo
2006-09-03 mikerid_list for Jason
2006-09-03 mikerpotential speedup
2006-09-03 mikertypo ARG
2006-09-03 mikerwrapping each circ in its own transaction
2006-08-28 mikerauto-billing fixes and hold processing bug
2006-08-28 mikerbetter date range support for surveys
2006-08-24 mikeruse search_where, because CDBI is not as cool as cstore :P
2006-08-21 mikeradding initial closed date support to the targeter
2006-08-04 mikerou proximity stuff
2006-08-04 mikercode updates supporting canceled holds
2006-08-04 mikerfixing the fine generator
2006-07-27 mikerimproving "nearest_hold"
2006-07-26 mikerbreak the loop if there are no capturable copies at...
2006-07-26 mikeradding closed_date/HoO to fine generator; moving permit...
2006-06-23 mikerFIX -- making grace period "soft"
2006-06-23 mikermaking grace period "soft"
2006-06-17 mikerfixing hold targeter (posible multi-targeting of items)
2006-06-14 mikeradding support for item form (large print, etc) and...
2006-05-25 ericksontypo
2006-05-05 mikeradding open_noncat_circs method
2006-05-03 mikerbegrudgingly adding "get copy from THERE" functionality
2006-04-27 mikerbug fix
2006-04-27 mikerbug fix
2006-04-27 mikerbug fix
2006-04-20 mikera little debuging
2006-04-13 mikersetting WRITE flag for generate_fines and copy targeter
2006-04-13 mikerusing main DB outside transactions based on a flag
2006-04-06 mikeradding penalty calculator to the fine generator
2006-03-10 mikeradding pull list method for bill
2006-02-17 mikeradding method to complete reshelving of copies
2006-02-16 mikerfixing the targeter
2006-02-13 mikeradded a "only target new holds" mode to the copy targeter
2006-02-13 mikeradded targeted, uncaptured hold_request method
2006-02-11 mikeradded sort order on SELECTs so that selection_depth...
2006-02-11 mikerrefactored copy targeter to use new JS copy tester...
2006-01-06 mikerfixing logic hole
2006-01-03 mikerrefactoring to use storage server transactions instead...
2005-11-17 mikerupdated fine processor to use billing_type in addition...
2005-07-29 mikermaking the hold targeter (much! about 2x) faster
2005-07-26 mikermaking hold capture processor faster
2005-07-25 mikersend status messages to keep the client alive
2005-07-25 mikerusing a single session for "permit_hold", though this...
2005-07-22 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-07-22 mikerfixing money views; adding unfulfilled holds tracker...
2005-07-21 mikermoving the hold copy targeter into the storage server...
2005-07-20 mikerjust get the first "nearest" hold
2005-07-20 mikeradding "nearest_hold" select
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-13 mikeradding generate-fines and supporting functions
2005-05-04 mikeradded action.survey_response.response_group_id
2005-04-28 mikercirc updates
2005-04-22 mikerupdating surveys