updated Storage server
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / CDBI.pm
2005-03-29 mikerupdated Storage server
2005-03-18 mikerbug fixes for storage and fieldmapper
2005-03-16 mikerasset setup
2005-03-16 mikerstorage server stuff
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-11 mikeradding full marc21 record support
2005-03-11 mikerautomatic generation of most "Publish" methods
2005-03-11 mikerfixed transaction support and tested with updates to...
2005-03-10 mikeradded "import" wrapper for the relationship setup
2005-03-10 mikernew magic fieldmapper and updated SQL stuff
2005-03-10 mikeradded tons more SQL level stuff... I am going to bed now
2005-03-09 mikerremoving a debugging warn
2005-03-09 mikeradded super-fast fieldmap builder and magical (though...
2005-03-08 mikerupdating fields to match reality
2005-03-06 mikeradded actor and asset stuff to CDBI
2005-03-01 mikerdisable parent_node redirect for now
2005-03-01 mikeradded ordering for data nodes on a record_entry
2005-02-28 mikerEETS ALIVE!!!!!!!
2005-02-26 mikerfilling in the SQL holes...
2005-02-25 mikerlots of cleanup... no testing yet, no data to test
2005-02-25 mikercontainer module for the base Class::DBI stuff in CDBI